(and a big thank you from Wikileaks to freefromthoughtblogs)

Wikileaks and Julian Assange have been awarded the 2011 Walkley Award for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism. Not as globally renowned as the Pulitzers, they are nevertheless the Australian equivalent and still an award that retains some degree of credibility and integrity (contra MTV awards or Oscars).

On one level, this is fantastic. The public, fickle as always and with the attention span of gnats, have allowed Assange to largely become the forgotten man – whilst the attacks to destroy him have in no way abated. Journalists are at least making a token effort to acknowledge the man. Any journalist that remembers their code of ethics and standards and actually still practices genuine journalism knows full well that the act of doing their job as the public’s watchdog could land them in a situation similar to Assange’s at any time. In many parts of the world, it is still one of the most dangerous occupations.

On another level, it also clearly highlights the shallowness of local print media, even amongst the supposedly high-brow broadsheets. The Sydney Morning Herald merely lists it as an award in a general list, whilst devoting an entire article to singing the praises of its own successes. The most verbose commentary comes via The Australian, with a whopping 55 words. As usual, you need to look overseas to the last of the remaining real journalists, such as Glenn Greenwald, to get any actual, deeper commentary. ABC television news also provided a few brief seconds of Assange’s acceptance speech where he once again calls out our Prime Minister as a cowering chickenshit quite happy to sell her own citizens to foreign powers if the price is right, and who contributes to gender equality by proving that females can lick US ass every bit as deeply as any mere male –


Yet behind all of this, the majority of our citizenry is completely unaware and/or don’t give a shit at the fact that Assange has lost his latest appeal challenging extradition to Sweden for alleged “rape” charges that have caused even rape crises workers to express their disgust at political abuse and trivialisation of a brutal crime they know far too well.

Katrin Axelsson of the British organisation Women Against Rape wrote The Guardian very early in the piece, expressing her concerns about the excess of the efforts to perprosecute Assange on such flimsy grounds while so many other genuine cases fall through the cracks due to lack of resources. She also wrote a follow up piece addressing concerns about the gender hysterics that were fueling what was more and more looking like a political witch hunt. She is worth quoting at length –

Julian Assange should not become the target for expressions of fury over sexism

Katrin Axelsson
The Guardian, Friday 21 January 2011

Suzanne Moore accuses Naomi Wolf of having “muddled the personal with the political” (All this polite and smiley feminism is pointless. It’s time to get angry, 15 January)…

But Moore herself is muddled. Somehow women concerned with the dangers the WikiLeaks founder faces – extradition, rendition and even execution – because of the effectiveness of WikiLeaks are “losing their heads around Assange. I picture Bianca Jagger washing his feet with her tears soon.”

By dismissing Jagger, Moore removes upholding human rights and opposing dictatorships from feminist concern. What an indictment of her feminism! In this way the nub of the question is avoided: rape allegations against Assange can no longer be disentangled from the political agenda shaping how they are dealt with. He’s become an easy target for expressions of fury and frustration at sexism…

Moore rails against the “pitiful results” achieved by “smiley” feminism which fears to be labelled as “man-haters”. She objects to “silicone implants”, “shopping” and the term “sex workers”: “We are all sex workers these days … we are all encouraged to pursue lifelong sexiness.” She says, “I want a movement.” And who does she propose? Pornography-obsessed Andrea Dworkin – “batty”, but she had “balls”. Are “balls” what women need? We thought we needed principles. Sadly they have been scarce.

The gist is clear. Axelsson is openly calling out gender feminists that are not concerned with any kind of justice, but obsessed with a political agenda that is willing to ignore all other considerations, most disturbingly basic human rights principles, in order to push their tunnel-visioned ideology at any cost. Even allowing the victims of genuine, violent sex crimes to vanish from the justice system is apparently acceptable for some apparent “greater good”, especially if it’s any of those quaint brown folks. The only feminists who’s rights and agendas need to get hammered home are those of the pudgy, pink and entitled variety.

Sweden is perhaps the best example of what happens when gender feminist rape catastrophists gain too much of a foothold in the political and legal system – and the auto da fé being carried out against Assange is the visible result. As Axelsson also notes, now that rape has been trivialised to the point that it encompasses not using a condom and drunken booby squeezes, the number of rape prosecution cases has skyrocketed while, paradoxically, the rate of successful prosecutions has actually fallen. Why? Because the court system has become clogged with Becky Watson style catastrophists opportunistically seeking either revenge or attention, and they are (thankfully) mostly spotted and dismissed by the legal system. Meanwhile, the victims of actual violent assaults see the endless line of non-victims standing before them, and many simply give up in despair and abandon their cases.

What a win. This is the real net result of the gender feminist catastrophist’s machinations. Everyone loses except the ideologues who have hijacked the stage and the microphone and can howl about the evils of the patriarchy, and earn a tidy living by restoring the fear and the shame to human sexuality that was once the exclusive reserve of the religionists. More and more the gender fem-bots become indistinguishable from Iranian clerics – especially when it comes to self-justification.

"Freethought" - FTB style

This is the territory that The Crisis Factory plays in. The Swedish model of gender lunacy – which has perverted their legal system to the point it is a Sharia court ruling on incomprehensible and arbitrary lapses in moral etiquette more than anything that actually dispenses justice – is precisely the kind nonsense that the baboon collective has been pumping out to the world 24×7 for the best part of this year since Becky Watson first began her violated nun shrieking about the Elevator Guy, who as time passes and observations collate is increasingly looking to be an outright fabrication to begin with. Certainly, evidence to confirm his existence suffers from non-existence, while the contradictions and contrary evidence keeps mounting inexorably.

Nevertheless, freefromthoughtblogs is very much in the pointless hysteria industry and is being led from one excess to another by its choirmaster PZ Myers, churning out unsubstantiated outrage after outrage –

“The problem, as we’ve seen in online behavior by the self-centered pigs, is that there’s no shortage of men (and women!) willing to form a support group for misogyny and rape culture.”

– from the rationally branded baboon board entry Predators among us, yet again dragging atheists through the mud on the basis of anonymous sociopaths somewhere, on somebodies blog, at some time, and its not really important to go into any of the details because it’s all true and they were definitely atheists, so there, and shut up you misogynist and/or gender traitor.

So freefromthoughtblogs and the Baboon King himself need to be congratulated. It is the hysteria that they are so deeply involved in promoting that has been instrumental in the destruction of Wikileaks itself. Sure, the other attacks did damage and strangled the financial lifeblood of Wikileaks, but the stake through the heart was the trumped up rape allegations. They simply would not be possible without a horde of hysterics like Myers, Marcotte, The Talking Prune and the Pudgy Pink Princess herself. They have contributed, and are still contributing, to creating the environment of derangement that has made it possible to turn Assange into a prisoner stripped of rights and effectively jailed without trial and to bring Wikileaks to a grinding halt.

This, ultimately, is the kind of bullshit PZ Myers enables. And he beats his chest like he’s a hero and a saviour and the only one that knows what’s good for you.

What a champion. So remember Wikileaks when you hear the next round of the baboons braggadocio about “free speech”. Their version of “free speech” is the same as their version of “Freethought” – anything but.

"We helped destroy Julian Assange. What did you do?"


Addendum – New light is being shed on another recent case of the kind that is enabled by baboon board gender feminist / slave moralist idiocy. The debacle that is the tale of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. There are two things that can be stated with confidence about DSK –

  1. He is a pretty repulsive middle-aged sleazebag (like Myers, only with achievement and substance to back it up), and
  2. He is not a rapist

The unfolding story is pointing more and more to a very intricate set up / sting –

What Really Happened to Strauss-Kahn?

This hysteria being promoted by the maggots that choose to make a career out of victimhood has created an environment where, really, no one is safe unless they choose to blanket their entire existence with paranoia and suspicion of every person that ever crosses their path. The baboons would have us believe that this is all a “normal and healthy” state of affairs for our interpersonal relations. Apparently complete destruction of individuals is an acceptable price to pay in this holy quest for “safety”. And the baboons think comparisons to the Stasi are unfounded. Perhaps they are right. “Witch burners” may be more appropriate.