Ophelia Benson practices emergency misogyny response

The Talking Prune’s desperation to cherry-pick for the sake of confirmation bias is well documented and now the stuff of legend. Of all the baboons, she is the one that most consistently has determination enough to bloody her fingernails while scraping the bottom of the barrel.

This is all very much evident in her current barfing – she somehow managed to stumble across the latest, but certainly not the greatest, outrage from a second tier wannabe provocateur cum1 yellow journalist Kyle Sandilands in faraway in Australia (upside down land for the baboons).

This is just trashy headline grabbing in the tradition of Britain’s gutter tabloids, and very much in the contemporary tradition of the baboon board

100% pure and substance free

As per usual, there is absolutely nil background or research on the target of her spleen. Just a straight copy-n-paste from some newspaper coupled with the usual cocktail of outrage and indignation and, of course, a broad brush smear to imply that Sandilands is somehow an identical creature to myself, and anyone else that refuses to drink the FTB ideological Kool-aid –

No offers to kick her in the cunt? Huh; I thought that was part of the package deal.

Hell will be a cool place before this intellectual desert will ever reference that quote accurately, or be honest about anything at all come to think of it. But for smear purposes, it suffices to make the implied connection between Sandilands and the heretics – her credulous baboon readership is never one to ever demand relevance or substance and will never know any better.

And again, as usual, I feel obligated to fill the omissions of convenience that the dried up one religiously avoids, because reality never does anything helpful for her in any of her causes –

  • Sandilands consistently has around a 10% approval rating with the general public and an overwhelming majority have simply stopped even listening or reading about anything even slightly associated with him. This minority is mostly from left field on the smarts bell curve – which coincidently is also home to most of the baboons. He is in fact just part of the common trash demographic that can be found in any society and the only folks that ever express surprise at that fact are populist moralists, like Benson, that believe they can milk some propaganda advantage from it because the buffoons that look up to them are generally dumber than dog shit.
  • His boot-in-mouth, much like with freethoughtblogs, seems to be a business model. Fracas like the current one are tediously commonplace, and there is no shortage of teevee news vox pop footage which is remarkably consistent – males expressing support are rare to non-existent, and virtually all of the words of support come from 20-something females.
  • Surprisingly, monsters like myself have detested Sandilands since before he ever became a mainstream nuisance. Similarly, I don’t know any Ophelia-branded rapists or woman beaters that can manage to say anything at all about him other than expletive laden derision. We tend to dislike Sandilands for the same reasons we detest most of freefromthoughtblogs – for being a vacuous, bigoted, slanderous, substance free, ethically destitute harlot.
  • If you changed absolutely nothing about Sandilands character, style and substance, and merely shifted the focus of his antagonism to misogynists and sexists, he would be absolutely indistinguishable from PZ Myers. Both play in the second tier of celebrity wannabe-dom desperately grasping for more, and they even look like they are related –

    Dumb and dumber.

  • Jackie O, Sandilands fawning and approving sidekick, is also pretty much a kindred spirit to Becky Watson, except for a couple of minor details. Firstly, she’s passably cute, and second, she doesn’t spend her life wallowing in victim politics. But otherwise, she’s the same superficial, self-centered bag-of-ball-bearings Becky is. She would probably even agree the church executed Galileo.

In other words, Sandilands et al. are just urinal mints in life’s toilet who through no innate talent or merit of their own have found some kind of pseudo-success in the world. Much like most of the human detritus at freefromthoughtblogs.

So, attempting to smear myself and other critics via this tenuous non-blog entry on Butterflies and Wheels is readily visible as an absurdity to anyone who is not a baboon. But the parallels with the baboon board itself on the other hand are quite striking, and make Kyle and Jackie O peas in a pod with the Prune and the Baboon.

Of course there will be denials from the Prune that this was her intent. But then the baboons also deny equating folks like me to car bombers or that Watson ever called for a Dawkins boycott. It really does take a baboon to believe anything they say. But there really is no substance or purpose to this item other than to add to the BigLie by endless repetition of trivia. And they call me crazy.

1 – Make some thwapping noises to yourself just for Ophelia’s sake.