"Trust me"

“When science discovers the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to find they are not it.” — Bernard Baily

“It is necessary that we first draw the distinction between evil and ordinary sin. It is not their sins per se that characterize evil people… The central defect of the evil is not the sin but the refusal to acknowledge it… the self-righteous who think they are without sin because they are unwilling to suffer the discomfort of significant self-examination. ” — M. Scott Peck1

“Are a man’s lies merely an indication of his own twisted reality, or does he consciously know he is lying when he sets out to make himself look like the perfect, innocent and injured party?” — Tigress Luv

It never cease to amaze me how The Naked Emperor can continue to pump out this pernicious gibberish and maintain a straight face. It is unbelievable. Does he believe it? I doubt anyone will ever know. A duplicity wrapped in a deceit inside a chicanery. It’s a business model. He has to pretend to believe it –

Fair weather atheists and sunshine skeptics

November 22, 2011 at 8:32 am PZ Myers

…Which brings me to the third point that makes me rage. Skepticon did promote science and critical thinking. The hypocrisy lies in thinking that religion must somehow be exempt from that kind of examination, and I truly, deeply despise the idea that religion must be a walled garden that may not receive the same criticism as any other wacky idea

Says The Naked One from behind the impenetrable Iron Curtain of his brave new empire – where no reason, reality or contrary opinion will ever penetrate. The Nixon parallels run far deeper than just the stupid grins. So let’s hold a mirror up to the above statement.

Uppity women need psychiatric help (click to enlarge)

Perhaps the most nauseating display of Myers’ double standards and one-law-for-them-and-another-one-for-us hypocrisy was seen recently when a female community member pointed out some new evidence she found that cast further doubts on the already flimsy and ever changing fairytale Rebecca Watson is struggling to hold together about the mythical Elevator Guy. She mentioned it via a Facebook post.

The response from Myers, with his Deputy Dawg yap-yap Greg Laden, who arrived out of nowhere with the standard white-knight-defending-Becky’s-honour routine and, as usual, did everything other than address the points being raised. On this occasion though they truly betrayed their vigorously denied neo-puritan, quasi-Calvinist ideological roots by responding in a manner worthy of Victorian christendom – they branded the woman in question as insane. How truly retro – a woman that speaks back to you and refuses to respect your manifest authority is obviously not in possession of her wits and needs help. I’m surprised they didn’t suggest a hysterectomy as a permanent cure for her contrary disposition. This is Myers style “enlightened” non-sexism. In this case their natural viciousness was also nakedly exposed – both knew clearly, and well before the attack, that their target was particularly sensitive to slurs involving mental health issues. This in itself was probably the reasoning for the style of the attack – to maximise personal damage. But to make a long story short, Myers response is identical to the kind of response the religions he so much despises use. “Hypocrite? Moi?”

Of course attacking a person via the implied psychiatric disorder route is nothing new for The Naked Emperor. In fact, it now seems to be the default method to escalate personal assaults against individuals when conventional abuse and intimidation fails. He has done it to others, including myself – in my case even making the desperate effort to imply I am as dangerous and deranged as Dave Mabus.

This is what happens when you are trapped in a demented reality space such as that of Myers – you cultivate a mythology of infallibility about yourself, and simultaneously indulge in the promotion of ideological nonsense that is impossible to either support or defend. When criticism occurs, as it should in a skeptical community, you will find yourself in Myers’ position – one of not having a leg to stand on. Desperation sets in. A person with common decency would, after analysing the data, concede their errors, shrug their shoulders and move on. But Myers is infallible. To concede error would entail shattering the illusion – a fate worse than death for any amoral narcissist. So Myers keeps scraping his barrel of filth to find new ways to smear those that call his bullshit for what it is – bullshit.

So let’s just replay Myers’ words again –

…I truly, deeply despise the idea that religion must be a walled garden that may not receive the same criticism as any other wacky idea


Myers’ and his troop of baboons’ hypersensitivity to criticism and intellectual vacuity at defending their preposterous idiocy is legendary in general across the shop – not just to stuff related to the privileged, pudgy pink princess he has such an unhealthy fixation on. At least non-baboons can see this clearly – and it is not limited to secularists. You just have to watch the imbeciles tear legitimate scientists to shreds for questioning their divine infallibility, for no other reason than that they are not clearly identifiable as members of the accepted baboon board ingroup. “Freethinkers”. Antithesis of…

This mindless casuistry from Myers was prompted again by a storm in a teacup. But when you’re in the yellow journalism industry as Myers and freefromthoughtblogs are, nothing is too small to froth up into hysteria and get the lynch mob baying for blood. They are in the business of spectacle, not substance. It all revolves around a gelato shop that objected to the presence of a skeptic conference – with later admission of emotional overreaction and apology from the proprietor. This is all insufficient, as Myers is still proclaiming –

Mio Gelato is owned by a bigot2

– and splattering it over umpteen posts all over the baboon board. No apology is ever going to be good enough. But the accusation of bigotry from an ideological thug like Myers again puts it squarely into familiar hypocrite territory. What is more harmful to our communities? This tiny gelato shop? Or the mindless and relentless repetition of statements like these?

Predators among us

November 2, 2011 at 9:34 pm PZ Myers

…The problem, as we’ve seen in online behavior by the self-centered pigs, is that there’s no shortage of men (and women!) willing to form a support group for misogyny and rape culture…

This is Myers pet BigLie project – a day can’t pass without some kind of variant on this theme being splattered somewhere, that atheism is overrun by rapists, rape apologists and gender traitors – effectively anyone that voices disapproval or concern at the deranged ideology Myers is choosing to force down the throats of the entire secular community no matter what the cost or how many people are destroyed in the process.

All without providing a single shred of evidence, Myers is quite prepared to slander entire demographics within the community. Atheist misogyny implies open hatred of women endorsed by the community as a whole.  As Hitch, who Myers has the nerve to champion even though he has devoted his life to eviscerating losers like Myers, says –

What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

Myers, you are obligated to provide us with some evidence you baboon3. And if you can’t, or won’t, then STFU. Myers pumps out his toxic bullshit on a daily basis without any evidence and entirely free from any kind of accountability. For what? A pair of Becky’s soiled panties? And he calls the gelato guy a bigot? Mind boggling.

Yes, I truly, deeply despise the idea that religion must be a walled garden that may not receive the same criticism as any other wacky idea. And that religion is the one that worships at the church of freefromthoughtblogs.

Freefromthoughtblogs in a nutshell

1 – Yes, I am fully aware that M. Scott Peck is a christian psychiatrist of some notoriety. But his page of quotes could have been written with Myers specifically in mind. It is also delicious to note the ease with which Myers and his baboons accuse their detractors of psychiatric illness when they have exhausted their conventional arsenal of abuse and threat. In the old days, they’d be accusing you of sorcery.

2 bigot

a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

3 – Myers’ entire evidence base consists of rumours. Purported anonymous random internet sociopaths who are probably not even involved in our communities – and even so, Myers has never provided a single citable instance. And this is the basis for relentlessly dragging the entire atheist community through the mud. Who needs christians to undermine and destroy atheism when you have people like Myers?