Funny! LOL! Get over it.

“The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of baboon board hypocrisy.” — Voltaire (if he were alive today)

There is only one real consistent set of features within the sheltered workshop that is freefromthoughtblogs – and they are hypocrisy, double standards, demands for exceptionalist considerations and the right to be offended at anything at the drop of a hat. Beyond that, everything is a variable dictated by whatever tantrum is being thrown.

So there was very little surprise to be found in this article passed down the chain eventually finding me –


November 18, 2011 at 2:53 am physioprof

Is there any fucken d00d on earth who has ever used the word “prior” as a noun who doesn’t deserve a massive punch right in the motherfucken dicke?

A crime against humanity enabled by rape culture

You’d think given the precedence of hysteria about anything to do with genitalia or sex amongst the quasi-Calvinist subnormals at baboon central, this item would have caused a meltdown of gibbering outrage, but it didn’t – a whole 21 comments up until now, none of them particularly concerned about the idea of wanton threats of sexual violence or abuse.

But then you realise it’s only male genitalia at stake, and everyone knows how worthless they are. The Naked Emperor himself states that anyone who is even remotely concerned about the genital mutilation of male children by the residual superstitions of bronze age goat herders is a big sissy that needs to get the fuck over it. Absolutely piffling when you compare it to the sacred and holy yoni.

Contrast it with something that is genuinely important, like cunt kick.

Rarely varying image painted by amateur secular demonologists throughout history.

If you have the stomach to browse the baboon board, it is pretty hard not to stumble across the ongoing villification and demonisation campaign against Franc the Monster – alleged rapist and beater of women. The comments number in their thousands in dozens of individual threads1. For the Talking Prune, cunt kick has turned into something of a Calvary, much in the way that Elevator Guy has for Becky Watson.

The Prune’s love affair with cunt kick, and why she clings to it so desperately and makes it is such a relentlessly recurring focus of hatred, is quite simple – it is the only factoid in her possession that has even a slight, tenuous link to actual reality. You can browse her vitriol to your heart’s content, as you can that of the Baboon King’s and the rest of the dross that’s pitched a tent at freefromthoughtblogs, and what you will notice is that there is a complete void of any other kind of evidence or citation to any of my hyperbolised malice and evil. Nothing. Anywhere. Cunt kick is it. That’s all there is. What causes their hatred to otherwise boil over are the contents of this blog, which I stand behind 110% – the baboons have neither the intellect nor the substance to address any of the issues I raise, which leaves them with only abuse and threat, neither of which I let affect me or respond to, and that well and truly tips them over the edge. You can even see their lips quivering in futile rage.

Yet even this one precious factoid presents some awful problems for the dessicated one –

  • She dare not directly link to it, for that will reveal the entire quote and its full context addressing some particularly vile baboon board behaviour, which would take all the wind out of her sails, and
  • that it was not, as implied, a “direct personal threat”, but a nonsense hypothetical deliberately buried deep inside a 4000 comment thread on an unrelated blog that would take some serious truffle pig digging from lunatics, with no legitimate interest there, hell bent on finding reasons to be offended, just to locate – as they indeed did.

I have stripped the cunt kick comment of all mythology and presented its raw reality here. It is a story in itself exposing how the baboon brain operates – professional victims on an eternal quest to fabricate crises out of vapour for the sake of ideological mania. Here are a couple of samples of ensuing nonsense from Ophelia warping reality for the sake of generating raw terror. They are not the most deranged nor the worst either, just the handiest screen caps I have –

Comment from that appears to have been removed since I first quoted it.


Benson, like all career victims, is obsessive about wanting to frighten herself, and others, to death. She is very much a secular witchdoctor inventing demons to explain noises beyond the light of the fire to terrify the credulous children unaware that that she is a gibbering imbecile.

What she is showing is that she is incapable of differentiating an absurdist hypothetical from a tangible reality. As such, she should not even be using a computer without the direct supervision of a responsible adult guardian. There are only two real possibilities here for her batshittery –

  1. She really is that cognitively impaired and irrational, or
  2. She is not and this is a child’s tantrum routine made by hyperbolising an irrelevancy into a drama.

The reasons aren’t really that important as the implications are unambiguous – she is trying to convince the world that a) I am a violent and deranged maniac, and b) that she somehow considers herself to be in genuine danger. On the basis of nonsense a child can see through.

In other words, she is taking tentative steps down the same path as women that fabricate rape complaints out of revenge or for the sake of political manipulation. I know for a fact that any male is far more at risk from women that are this ethically destitute (they have, thanks to all of this kind of hysteria, real power – just ask Julian Assange) than any kind of risk I would ever pose to anyone. But the Prune doesn’t even pause to consider things like this – counterproductive to employ reason.

Mind where you barf.

So let’s just have a reality check for the sake of Ophelia’s melodramatics. The very idea that any non-baboon male (or female for that matter) would go anywhere near the thing is beyond simply ludicrous – it is hubristic and narcissistic derangement, bordering on wishful thinking. Is this just more idiotic projection on the world of some fantasy about being desirable?

Face it, if I found Ophelia by the side of the road, I wouldn’t even poke it with a broom to see if it was alive. If the thing got on a bus, my first impulse would be to get off at the next stop. Any degree of exposure to her babbling is nausea inducing, and though the Prune may exude the raw sexuality of Mae West on the outside, that is all shattered by the ugliness and corruption that oozes from within her psyche. She is one of the few creatures out there that can actually make Becky Watson seem like an honest and well-balanced human being.

Fuck me. The arrogance is overwhelming. But this kind of exceptionalist paranoia is a mandatory discipline to possess if you are going to spend your entire life wallowing in slave morality and experiencing no human emotions other than hatred and fear.

And the basis for all of this? If you step back and take a look, beyond the contrived nonsense that was cunt kick, there is absolutely no substance whatsoever2. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. This entire delusion is concocted by whispered hearsay, amplified by chinese whispers, inside the echo chamber that is freefromthoughtblogs, cocooned safely from any external reality. This is deliberate, mindless ritual to fabricate a new mythology out of shadow, devoid of any reason, logic or commonsense. It is amusing to begin with, but then you realise it is this kind of echo chamber that Valerie Solanis existed in when she cultivated the belief she had to kill Andy Warhol for some perceived greater good. Perhaps a creepier, and more realistic, comparison is to the Manson Family at Spahn Ranch commune. The gullible and uncritical repeating unverifiable spook stories to each other sealed off from real life. Yes, that always ends well.

Exaggeration? Dunno. You never know when dealing with subnormals, that is the whole problem. What is evident is that my lack of any kind of concern at the nonsense directed my way from the baboon collective thus far has only seen a steady escalation of derangement. What started with common insult and slander has escalated to veiled threats, promises to “out” me (whatever that entails), truly insane demands I be reported to police (for what exactly, no one seems to know), comparisons to Dave Mabus and denunciation to GAC, to the current deranged ravings about hiring professional security investigators to harrass anyone that looks suspicious in the community and indirect, but evilly sleazy, threats against my family and friends – for their own good of course. (which I will cover in part 2 to this when my stomach can handle it). The derangement just lurches from one excess to the next and considers itself healthy and normal. On the basis of what? Shadows… Helter Skelter.

Of course the excuse that will be offered for the article at the start of this post will be that it’s humour and I should get over it. Sorry. More gibberish. I love my gallows humour as black as Satan’s anus. This kind of humour is not a convenience store – it takes no prisoners. There are no exceptions, no special cases. It slaughters sacred cows gleefully. You can’t endorse the Talking Prune’s and the Big Baboon’s shrieking hysteria on one hand, and expect this “humour” to be accepted with the other3. Again, “hypocrisy” ceases to be a sufficient term – but it is just another day on the baboon board with the retarded tantrum throwing children. The pride of secularism, apparently. It is entirely to be expected.

1 – Uhuh. So who’s crazy and obsessive again?

2 – To quote the Freethinker pamphlet mentioned previouslyArguments based on faith, authority or ad hominem character attacks are unacceptable” – yet this is what the sum of all the slander against me comprises entirely of.

3 – And in any case, much of the gibberish on the baboon board now can be classified as secular Poe – it is both impossible to parody, and if published anywhere else, it would not be possible to guess with any degree of certainty if it was satire or for real.