Ophelia Benson goes bicycle riding in Amsterdam

Let’s learn a new word today. This is for the benefit of the baboons. The rest of you folks probably know this word already, and did so from junior high school because you paid attention to words for their actual meaning, and not for their emotional trigger value –



1. derived from or guided by experience or experiment.
2. depending upon experience or observation alone, without using scientific method or theory, especially as in medicine.
3. provable or verifiable by experience or experiment.


i.e. basing stuff on observable reality free of any cognitive biases. So let’s take THAT comment that has terrorised Ophelia to the point I am amazed she hasn’t sent me a laundry bill, and demystify it. Here it is in its raw form, and traced directly back to its source (the details that none of the baboons are interested in), comment #3396 at the slimepit (as the baboon’s like to call it) –

#3388 munkhaus – but what I`m posting about it the calls to “stamp out” the evil comments here by complaining to National Geographic or something.

#3389 Abbie – Now that I am more familiar with their behavior, it is more surprising the idea hasnt been brought up sooner, rather than that the idea emerged.

Why? Because the baboon board had not fully relocated. Of course, the attentive will have noted at the time that there was plenty of paranoid narcissistic mewling from The Naked One that the *reason* for the move was fear of censorship *by* Nat. Geo. – a claim laughed at with great glee, not by us, but by others in the science community.

I would encourage this move to censor Abbie. Bring on the Streisand effect. Let’s show the baboon board archives on SB in all their glory to the world.

Ophelia is a poor woman’s Catharine MacKinnon. If I was a girl, I’d kick her in the cunt. Cunt.

Posted by: Franc Hoggle | October 14, 2011 8:29 PM

That’s it in its unedited entirety. The quoted comments are in reference to freethoughtblogs.com now unambiguous stance as a pro-censorship organisation (and bottom of post here), willing and ready to organise petitions and form letters to demand the censorship and/or removal of websites that deviate from approved groupthink.

Of course it’s only the last 12 words that are of any interest to the baboon board, and it is only they that are getting regurgitated ad nauseam with a literalist fervor that makes Creationists seem like Doubting Thomases. The true meaning, of course, is that this is a direct threat of violence against the Talking Prune, and that there is reason enough to be terrified and begin notifying police and atheist organisations globally. Seriously.

Now most non-baboon’s first response on stepping back and viewing the larger mass of all the gibbering and caterwauling is – “WTF? So Franc is saving up for a sex-change just so he can track the Talking Prune down and kick her in the cunt? Right? That’s the only way I can read it as realistic… Are these loons serious???”

Uhuh. Apparently they are. Amazing isn’t it? This is how seriously off the rails the Baboon King and his troop have become.

Truth be told, it was all a premeditated exercise in unmasking the deeper inner imbecile of the already imbecilic baboon horde – it was stated as such in the same thread and repeated over and over since – by feeding them a nonsense hypothetical and just letting them run with it. And of course, none of the baboons ever look at the other words that surround the cherries they pick. So run with it they did. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving. Best pay-off for lobbed flame bait I have ever had, by a long country mile. Except it wasn’t lobbed anywhere, it was confined to our own sewer and they had to come, like truffle pigs, and dig for it.

FTB Operations Manual

The motivation for the crafting was the months of relentless, and continuing, campaigning from the Talking Prune to slander both Abbie Smith and ERV by rote posting and commenting items en masse linking Abbie, “rape apologetics”, violence against women and what is alleged “language of rape” – but always, ALWAYS containing multiple instances of the word “cunt” attributed to Abbie – thereby permanently poisoning Abbie’s name and reputation as far as search engines go. In other words – an assassination of character. It is an act of pure dried up cunt malice, much the same as has been done to others, and of course, entirely devoid of references, substance or evidence. In other words, baboon board standard operating procedure. And the same as what’s being done to me now, and then to the next person that dares to speak back that the pack thinks they can isolate and corner. Then the next… and the next… The blood on the altar must never be allowed to dry. Burp. “Freethinkers”. Yes they are. It says so on their logo.

It took the baboons over a day to notice, and the response was rapier like, #3415

If I was a girl, I’d kick her in the cunt. Cunt.


Posted by: SC (Salty Current) | October 15, 2011 10:10 PM

Uhuh. What? The baboon brain at work. There’s is no telling what the actual point of this was. Which was followed by several dozen carbon copies of the above. I called it “retard roll-call”; someone else informed it was something called #occupyERV, apparently an effort to completely destroy the ERV discussion by a variant of the all powerful Pharyngulation – something which is supposed to make the targets spontaneously void their bowels and fall prostrate before the awesomeness of the Naked One’s horde… Who knows? After 40-50 of these monkey-see-monkey do items, they dried up – and that’s supposed to make a difference in a thread heading towards 5,000 posts? This is the power of the baboon board nowadays – its like the short drunk lesbian in the pub that’s ready to take everybody on: either gets ignored, or if too pushy, ends up smeared all over the floor like a bug. Add toothlessness to mindlessness.

That was pretty much the sum of their vandalism on this occasion. Seems nowadays, the minions have learned the lessons of their master and no longer venture out of the safety of their lairs – they know only cruelty they lack the wits to deal with awaits, and so just stay at home and snarl at each other and spit poison over the walls of the Iron Curtain at those outside they despise.

Ophelia and Zvan off to their local new, new atheist chapter

There’s been a dozen are more threads spawned so far by cunt kick, all recycling the same mindless, unreferenced slurs at Abbie, myself, and anyone else that has the audacity to pipe up in opposition to the Iranian cleric-like fem-bot routines led mostly by the Prune, but ably supported by the Big Baboon and this thing that calls itself Zvan. Greg Laden, probably the most dull-witted and desperate of the lot, pipes in where he can to try and pathetically redirect hits back to his own waste of space blog (hell, he even fishes for hits here, that’s how down and out he is).

Most of it, including the calls for my arrest and denunciation to the Global Atheist Convention, can be found here if you have the stomach. Latest, they appear to be tearing Michael Kingsford Gray’s throat out for trying to be reasonable, and the unspeakable linguistic atrocity du jour is some internal bitch fight about use of the word “lady”. NO I AM NOT KIDDING. This is what these losers do with their lives. It’s a CAREER.

So this is it – another snapshot of those that brag about themselves as the finest minds that secularism has to offer. And the most pressing issue of the day they can think of to babble about is a word game they fail to comprehend, that exploits their Pavlovian responses to known keywords – a play on their stupidity that goes flying stratospherically over their heads. What a fine set of priorities. Taking a cherry picked string of words, stripping it of all context and injecting it with concocted hate. No mention whatsoever of the issues I was addressing – the censorship, the threats, the blacklists, the shunning and all the other Stalinist shenanigans they seem to think are what being “progressive” is all about. And interest in reality? Zero. These are people who’s only priority seems to be scaring themselves to death.

Most depressingly of all, the CFI promote and subsidise many of these baboons. Then have the audacity to cry poor and whine they are losing membership. Goodness, what a surprise. I think CFI can be written off as lost cause at this point and the sooner it implodes the better. Then maybe something with substance can get resurrected from the wreckage.

On a cheerier note, you can also enjoy The Naked Emperor trying his hand at the Rev. Jim Jones routine, singing the praises of FTB, his very own Guyana –

The New People's Temple - from strength to strength

You can almost smell those heretics burning now can’t you? Awesome. Any shrinks in the audience that specialise in language? I would love to hear what you think.