Ophelia Benson as Hercule Poirot.

My the baboons have been busy.

My indifference is profound.

Hot on the heels of the latest batch of threats, there is a new insane debate here which I can only stomach a snippet at a time, and certainly refuse to read all of –

Fat, ugly, desperate or a bitch who deserves to be slapped, hit or gang-raped

Which, of course, instantly has to implicate me. Again, it’s overloaded with the usual accusations of rape, assault, abuse and the whole shebang of the usual substance-free tar-n-feathering the baboon board now seems to specialise in to the exclusion of all other activities. It’s the new town square I’m being pilloried in. They also babble much about having some pile of “sooper secret information” that the Talking Prune has apparently found and are continuing some ludicrous “ethical” debate1 about “outing” and “reporting”. It’s all in there apparently, for those that can stomach it.

So lets imagine they proceed on the assumption I am not Franc and that this cloak-and-dagger is pants shittingly terrifying –

Using the infinite baboon theorem, possibly there will be something relevant amongst the irrelevancies the dried up one has found. The problem still remains, how do you tell which is which? Do you use it all? What about all the poor other shmucks that get caught up in all of the slander escalation by the scattershot random data abuse being threatened? Oh, that’s right. It’s FTB – they don’t care about stuff like that. That’s called decency and not being childish and throwing tantrums and other stuff that doesn’t apply to them…

Really though, at the end of the day my response to any of this dirt mining is simple –

“yes, no or maybe. Now what?”

They sincerely seem to believe that their deranged Marcottesque reality applies everywhere and somehow makes it a rule that everyone with a penis is guilty by default and under strict obligation to prove innocence.


Sorry sweetie. Nothing says I even have to dignify you with a response. And I feel sorry for the random people you will shit on in the process. But maybe something like that blowing up in your face will actually teach you about something you have zero experience in – some accountability?

And my second response is –

“uhuh. And what is it this alleged person has done other than collate uncomfortable facts about despicable behaviour that no one has been able to refute with any degree of sensibility? Isn’t this what Randi does? Uncover charlatans and manipulators?”

I have enough of a readership to know it’s more diverse than just the baboons and unwashed slimebags from ScienceBlogs. In fact, for a piece of shit operation it is quite high. If we look at just the reasonable, non-maniac readership I get (which is precisely 100% – baboonboard%), I have yet to receive a legitimate complaint or any issue of a major discrepancy or error about the information I provide. AT ALL. EVER. The worst I get is the occasional typo notification (which I promptly fix). That leaves the baboons accounting for 100% of all the bullshit and grief I have ever received. At a guesstimate, you imbeciles account for maybe 10% of my visitors (and that’s when you’re really angry about something). What does that tell you? Nevermind, I should know better than to ever expect honest answers from you.

And don’t flatter yourselves that it’s your constant hostility that keeps me going. It’s the other 90% that tell me things like “your information can be relied on” and “thanks for doing a necessary job in an entertaining manner”. Jesus, get over yourselves. I write because I hate bullshit around me. When that bullshit pollutes secularism, it becomes a duty.

And my third response is –

“why does a bitter, sex-phobic old prune have nothing better to do with her life other than to cause harm to others with hearsay, slander, google poisoning and amateur detective work to harass random innocent bystanders on the other side of the planet?”

This is too funny. After all this, it is I that gets accused of malice, stalking and vigilanteism and much worse. Exactly who’s behaving like a deranged monomaniac here? It’s a pot and kettle convention.

Ophelia, get a life.

Morons. I present articles about the corruption undermining secularism in general. And when you are unable to provide any kind of adequate defense to the issues, all you can offer is deception, slander and threat, and you also instantly seek the revenge route. This I think sums up everything that is rotten with the movement. Stupid, selfish children having a non-stop temper tantrum have stormed the stage and refuse to leave. It can be summarised as follows –

Freethoughtblogs.com is a corrupt Stasi-like infection seeking to occupy secularism and impose it’s own ideological reich on all.

That is the only point I ever wanted to make. Thank you. That is what all your behaviour underscores perfectly. You are painting the perfect picture for the whole world to see. Threat, slander, self-serving bullshit, terror to silence dissent, slut shaming, blacklisting and just raw malice – the sum of all of your contributions to the planet.

Now can you hurry up and give all your conspiracy theories over to the authorities? I’m sure they’ll appreciate you not wasting their time with hysterical nonsense.

Note – for simplicity, “baboon” as used in this article includes all Skepchick related dross.

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1 – It’s cute when they talk about “ethics” as if they know what they are.

The Talking Prune is wasting her time on me. So Ophelia, I am going to do you a favour. You should be going after the big fish, more worthy of an intellectual of your stature, like Youtube. Just look at all this freely available blasphemy. Go on, make a REAL name for yourself. PURGE IT. YOUTUBE MUST BE DESTROYED. (Selected from stuff found on other non-maniac forums)

(just the tip of the proverbial iceberg)