PZ Myers disapproves (Greg Laden in Jimi Hendrix wig rear)

Almost two days now and still no sign of the SWAT team. Just as well, might take this opportunity to tell them the keys are in the letter box – there’s really no need to kick the door down guys.

Still scratching my head, but I shouldn’t. I know that there is no such thing as rock bottom in a bottomless pit, which is pretty much what the baboon board’s antics are. There will always be some new surprise beyond imagining just around the corner ready to stun you.

So did the big baboon actually post his denunciation or didn’t he? I suspect we will never know with anything that approaches substance. Chances are, even a pathetic loser like me would have heard something on the grapevine by now, but I haven’t. To my mind, there are two realistic possibilities –

  1. Even a lowlife like Myers is capable of realising the full extent of his spiteful idiocy and back-pedaled without saying so, or
  2. He actually was stupid enough to do it and did not get quite the universally approving reaction he, as über-baboon, so rightly deserves and is entitled to.

Seriously, who is supposed to get harmed more by this childish squealing-to-teacher? Me or Myers? It’s all good though if he did follow through – though there may be a handful of folks involved that still believe the Emperor is not naked, I suspect there are more that already know better than to to take anything baboon board related seriously. If anything, there will probably now be a few more converts to the latter.

We’ll never know either way I think, with Myers’ honesty having the track record we have seen.

Still perplexed by it all. Reminds me of stories my relatives used to tell me about life under Mao’s China. The naming and shaming and informing and reporting. “Freethinkers”. Indeed. But it’s all good. It’s in the public record now at least.


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