"They're all rapists!"

I am basically a citizen journalist, and as bad a reputation as that has earned itself (largely due to the kinds of irresponsible idiots we find at freefromthoughtblogs), I like to maintain integrity for my own sake if no one else’s. That is why everything I write is fully referenced and independently verifiable – which is the primary source of grief for the baboons, and most folks that are even remotely interested in journalistic integrity notice that pretty much straight away without being told.

What the relentless stream of bile from the baboons is conspicuous by is complete absence of any kind of evidence or substance. Pointing this out is an endless source of fury for them – the Emperors and Empresses really are naked and can’t hide that fact. They compensate by spinning off the bile into other, viler and equally substance free slanders such is this recent one –

Almost Diamonds, latest babble

At once outrageous and subtle, it is fully indicative of the latest style of personal villification that pretty much all of freefromthought blogs now indulges in. First it reiterates the currently popular meme that I am an unstable, violent maniac – all without any substantiation of course – equivalent to David Mabus. Second that I am making “targets” of “innocents”. Indeed, “innocents” that feed off the secular teat by spouting derangement, slander and racial and sexual villification. How dare anybody call them to be accountable?

Ophelia Benson provides some substance to her arguments.

This is all on the tail of similar slanders – my either being a rapist or a rape advocate; that I think it’s cool to beat women; that I am a “stalker” (an oldie but a goodie, great for spurious complaint emails to web hosts); have inadequate genitalia and stunted sexuality; am cruel to animals etc. etc., again all without a single piece of evidence. Jews drink infants’ blood, negroes have thick skulls and want to rape your white women, homosexuals are pedophiles. These types of blood libels are as old as history, and a favourite first response to criticism from any ideological loser that has no legs to stand on.

These are secular withdoctors, sitting around the fire and inventing elaborate demonologies to frighten naive children scared of the strange noises in the dark. It’s all they can do when they have nothing else to prop themselves up with.

Of course, I am hardly the first to have been targeted by this kind of systematic character destruction by the baboon hordes. Amongst many others, Abbie Smith and Bluharmony – the latter with the added pleasure of the accusation of implied psychiatric disorder. “Only insane people could ever have a problem with Watson/FTB”. So very Victorian – uppity women simply must be insane, no other explanation. There really is no gutter tactic that the baboons will not resort to. In this one respect they do not discriminate – their filth against females if anything is worse than that against males. In fact, these current idiocies from PZ Myers and his troop of morons to “out” me to the GAC and police seem positively trivial in comparison to the raw malice directed at other women.

The true malice is also evident in the manner with which these slanders are delivered – not via coherent entire articles that can be rebutted, but via endless gibberish threads where individual cretins add their own one liner slurs to their heart’s content and dissenting opinion purged. It is a method repeated consistently and really has only one aim – that of destroying people’s reputations by poisoning search engines1. Again, nothing is too low is there?

All of this nonsense does serve a purpose though – it does show PZ Myers and the dross at Freefromthoughtblogs up for precisely what they are. Jackbooted little fascists that want to establish their own orthodox ideology as the one true ideology for all of secularism – and any kind of dissent will be crushed. The People’s Democratic Republic of North Pharyngula.

It’s my duty to keep on exposing these baboons for what they are. Somebody has to do it2. And they can keep their slanderous bullshit rolling to their hearts content. All the current joy and goodness can be read here –

“Elevatorgate” Challenge #4

What a bunch of sour cunts. No longer even “victim feminists”. Outright intellectual, social and psychological cripples addicted to imaginary terrors. Taking it all out on a world that is not fair to them.

1 – All compounded by the strategy of the BigLie, where even outrageous falsehoods gain the appearance of a “truth” if repeated often enough. The baboons absolutely love this one, as mentioned many times previously.

2 – To the anonymous types within the various movements that keep popping in here to express support, here’s a little graphic –

Your silence is admission of defeat.

Edit: this is not aimed at the casual commenters. It is at those that express support then offer the excuse that they are involved in some organisation or other, therefore are prevented from commenting. It is this kind of self-censorship that enables buffoons like Myers to seize the stage so easily. Really, it’s your ship too – you can either watch it sink, or you can do something about it. Up to you and your conscience.