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Not entirely sure what this is supposed to achieve. I think it’s supposed to be some fatal coup de grâce or something. It certainly takes the surreality to a new level. Alleged “freethinkers” so petty and spiteful, and so cocksure of their importance in the scheme of things, that they have a sincere belief that this kind of idiot Moral Majority style of reaction will achieve something other than making themselves look even more stupid.

They certainly love “hate”, especially when attributing it to me, it’s brought up no less than 100 times in the related thread. But they are going to run into problems when they directly smear me like this – and the main one is that what they claim I write and what I have actually written have virtually no relation to each other. Unfortunately, the mythical monstrous Franc that they have cultivated with such obsession is curiously absent in any of my actual written pieces. That is an ugly reality immediately apparent to anyone that actually does some reading here. The idea of the BigLie, repeating a nonsense falsehood ad nauseam until it gains a touch of truth, so beloved by the baboons behind the new Iron Curtain, simply does not have the same traction out in the real world.

The other problems is that what I have been documenting methodically is a catalog of “hate” being generated directly by Myers and the other detritus that also now calls “freethought”blogs home – who really are a Crisis Factory in the business of condemning and demonising anyone who deviates from their ideological purity, and genuinely attempting to destroy them personally and professionally in the process. There are numerous articles here, which can all be independently verified, as well as elsewhere – where the now trademarked process of shunning, shaming and blacklisting others, especially targeting women, is clearly documented.

Surely if I was so wrong about all of this, it would be an easy task to refute my arguments. But there has not been a single refutation, instead, all I have had is an endless list of personal insults and slanders. Basically, my crime is cataloging reprehensible behavior which is neither excusable nor defensible – and this is what infuriates Myers and his baboon hordes to the point of meltdown, and they stumble from new low to low. I’m calling out pigs for behaving like pigs. It’s largely mission accomplished.

The other absurdity is the repeated call to bring me to police attention, such as this one –

Uhuh, report me for what precisely you moron? For exposing charlatans in the new-skepticism? Please do. Unfortunately, cops in most first world jurisdictions still require evidence, and that’s where you start tripping over your shoelaces. No less than 50 other cretins similarly have chimed in. It’s monkey-see-monkey-do land, and a new level of dumbness that makes The Baboon King’s whining to the GAC look just a little less dumb. You folks simply have no shame or dignity.

What is finally clearly evident though is that there is no longer any masking of the fact that there is significant pocket of blatant fascism within the godless and skeptic communities and Myers has proclaimed himself its tinpot dictator. They peddle their own brand of noxious and bigoted ideology and they will tolerate no dissent to that ideology. As with all fascist ideologies, it is fragile and cannot support itself with inherent integrity – so it must be propped up by nonsense, deception and an endless list of scapegoats to be sacrificed on the ideological altar. They have shown that there are no means they will not stoop to to enforce that ideology – even if it entails the complete destruction of individuals within that community. The icing on the cake is then turning around and accusing critics of being “haters”. Bizarre, but nothing history has not shown us before. A comment left here previously –

Scary though. I mean, we say Watson, Benson, Myers, Laden, et al, are not to be trusted because they are mendacious ideological fanatics, and such base dissent and disagreement makes us haters, misogynists (though not all gun toting like this blog — tee hee), racists, and all kinds of evil badness.

They spew real hate, true bile, and explicit wishes for a variety of bad things to happen to us, including painful death, and yet still WE are the haters; we are the bad people; we are the silencers; we are the cancer in the bone….

This is nothing new, to quote Mein Kampf and Godwin be damned –

“When it brings him [the Jew] no such advantages he [the Jew] is the deadly enemy of enlightenment and hates all culture which is real culture as such.” — Mein Kampf, CHAPTER XI: RACE AND PEOPLE

It worked remarkably, framing the Jews as the real “haters” in that case. There really is no difference here. They are not freethinkers, not skeptics, not liberals , in fact they are nothing that is beneficial for our communities at all – they are just common as muck fascist thugs and you are not entitled to any say in the matter.

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