Yawn. More evidence of what a malignant toad PZ Myers is –

Not that I particularly care about the baboon slandering me, but it does go to show to the level to which he’ll stoop. Myers is quite content to equate me to David Mabus / Dennis Markuze without a second thought. Hardly a trivial slur – and a deliberate and premeditated one. He is quite happy to initiate a slander that could get a person placed on a “no fly” watch list.

This is a marked shift from simple “you have a tiny penis” insult to deliberate association with a potentially dangerous individual with identified psychological instability. It says much more about Myers’ character than it does mine – there really is no level to which the baboon will not go to in damaging those that deviate from his ideological preaching.

Of course his other baboons waste no time in echoing his idiocy –

This is beyond common abuse. This is malice designed to damage. Charming.

This is the public face of the new, new atheism that claims to be your public voice.

Addendum –

There does not appear to be any realistic limit to the derangememt as the baboons bounce the hyperbole of each other.


Yes, I’d like to hear what’s stated in the report.

elaine: He threatened to kick me in the cunt.

cop: Cunt?

elaine: Well not mine actually. Someone else’s.

cop: Uhuh?

elaine: But only if he was a girl.

cop: Ok. And I need to drop everything I’m doing right now?

elaine: Yes.

cop: And let me guess, I’m supposed to take you seriously too?

elaine: Yes. I’m a taxpayer.

We need a good famine.