These are the depths that a middle aged z-grade godless celebrity blow-hard will stoop to to have his balls tickled by a talking pig1

Becky doesn’t have enough toys. Oh the inhumanity.

Unspeakable cruelty(2)

Of course, the moron commentary always trumps the Baboon King

::Cough:: Stated without sarcasm.

Bonus dumbness –

Also found on the baboon board1


zOMG! The baboon is advocating adults being allowed to be adults. The horror! The misogyny! The rape!

1 -via my favourite gender traitor Sacha who has more stomach than me to view these things.

2 – photo credit to the rather excellent Jill Greenberg. Of course she’s a gender traitor, and I’m a child molester. Just saving the baboons some time.