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Yes, it’s nice to blow off steam whining here, ERV, TOA or ‘tardbook etc. but it achieves nothing. Introducing –

The true imbecility of The Naked Emperor, the Pharyngudroid baboon troop and the miscellaneous other demagogue dung merchants that comprise freefromthoughtblogs needs to be catalogued in an ordered and constructive manner for the world to see.

There is still a nonsense impression too many people have that any information bearing the PZ Myers brand is somehow “authoritative”. Haha. Anyone with integrity or dignity needs to get over that real fast, for their own sake.

Whilst the baboons will no doubt dismiss this as a counterpunch to their own slime pit – it’s not. For a start, all information needs to be referenced and substantiated. It also seeks to stick to the basic facts and leave the colorful language and editorial for elsewhere.

“Guest” submissions are permitted, and the truly paranoid can select the fully anonymous submission route – which will appear as I Roschach, in honour of the baboon board’s chief censor. Just bear in mind, unlike the baboon board, hearsay will be rejected, as will editorial enhancement, and everything must be independently verifiable. This is an information resource, not a propaganda tabloid. Important articles can also be locked to prevent tampering. Hear the “censorship” squeal from the baboons. Haha, no hypocrisy is beneath them. You just have to deal with it.

This is an important thing. PZ Myers is doing to secularism what Richard Nixon did to US politics – completely fucking it, and if unchecked, will eventually pass the point of no return. In this regard, Myers is to the religious right what Michael Moore is to the Teabaggers and GOP – their very best friend in this world, doing the kind of damage they can only have wet dreams about.

You couldn't have more identical expressions even if you tried.