“If you’re a preacher, you talk for a living, so even if you don’t make sense, you learn to make nonsense eloquently.Andrew Young [link]

“It is a far, far better thing to have a firm anchor in nonsense than to put out on the troubled seas of thought.” John Kenneth Galbraith [link]

These two quotes sit nicely side by side. The Galbraith one is particularly juicy, and richly sardonic, taken from his early work, The Affluent Society and refers to his theory of The Dependence Effect in economics which can be summarised roughly as –

…the final focus on production in economics amongst all else; alongside the observation that maximisation of production is sought chiefly not for the goods it produces, but to obtain full employment. The Dependence Effect further undermines our focus on production, claiming that the demand for this new production is created by the production itself

As Galbraith elaborates, nowhere in this feedback system are any checks ever made as to whether there is any net benefit to the public weal via this closed loop – it is just assumed on faith. There is an illusory kind of social stability, but as for quantifiable benefits, that requires belief. And it is the expedient path to anchor oneself to this belief rather than to put out on the troubled seas of thought.

What a delicious parallel to The Crisis Factory and the misandrist blog industry. Because that is what we have been enduring for what seems like eternity now, The Naked Emperor, The Pudgy Pink Princess and the Watsonista hordes fabricating an artificial state of catastrophe and then justifying their own existence by claiming to be saviors that can mitigate the catastrophe, whilst actually only inflating the catastrophe to new and ever more absurd heights.

And as with Galbraith’s economic model, the system exists for no readily discernible or justifiable reason other than to sustain itself. Flatus begetting flatus. And a gravy train of CFI subsidised benders.

The Naked Emperor, as always, somehow still manages to find new lows in this production cycle, as he does with one of his latest hubristic howlers at baboon central

This is possibly the most hypocritical headline the baboon board has produced to date. Forget the actual article it links to for the moment – the mere fact that such a headline can even occur to Myers in the first place in light of all of his relentless nonsense, hostile projection and outright denialism of even the most basic realities is astonishing. His bread and butter is abuse, circular argument, deception, jumping at shadows and gibberish – that is the sum of everything the Big Baboon has been able to offer to date.

Separated at birth.

If anyone can lay claim to being a polyp that fell out of the same ass as Ray Comfort or Glenn Beck, it’s Myers – no ::cough:: MRA” can ever lay claim to his degree of boneheaded dogmatism and delusion. And as far as followers go – the baboon horde’s spectacular talents at precision groupthink are second to none. This projection of venom at “MRA”s is an order of magnitude above and beyond any that’s preceded it. Myers can teach Creationists about manipulating reality to suit predefined goals – they are a bunch of amateurs. He is in no position to accuse others of it.

As for the target of his hatred on this occasion, it seems totally beyond the comprehension of the Naked One that Manboobz is a blog in the same category I frequently find myself – that of the Satire of Resignation and Despair. Duh. It even says in big bold letters in its title banner – “MISOGYNY. I MOCK IT”. The article in question is here, and helpfully even points out it is discussing material found elsewhere –

“Remember that pussy is a biochemical WMD; wherever it is used, there is mass chaos and destruction.”

The daffy, excitable Man Going His Own Way who calls himself MarkyMark may be my favorite manosphere blogger of all. Not only does he bring the lulz himself – who can forget the time he wrote a completely unironic point by point rebuttal of an Onion article? – but he also helps to bring attention to the equally stupefying work of others.

Does this prevent the Naked One from yapping before reading? Of course not. The numbskull bit and swallowed the tackle box with it. The moron’s moron. No time to waste when there’s another pair of Becky’s soiled panties that could be sent in the mail any day now if you impress enough… So it’s bite first, think later…

In a gesture of solidarity, Ophelia Benson tries to make PZ look less stupid. Dumb cunt.


This is the public voice that claims to represent you in secularism. Despair, oh despair. This degree of mindless misandrist bile, and it’s far from an isolated instance, can only exist in an environment where the readership is even more mindless. And that’s what the baboon board, and all of freefromthoughtblogs, is – a black hole full of imbeciles who’s entire vocabulary consists of “me too!!!” and a fistful of off-the-shelf insults to hurl like dung at outsiders.

This is the Dependence Effect based economy of the gender feminist / slave moralist blogging world. Nonsense feeding back to itself and generating more nonsense. Were that this damage were localised and limited to its own cesspit – but it’s not. It leaks and undermines and corrupts others.

There is some interesting commentary on Galbraith’s Dependence Effect that can be found at the Economist’s View blog –

John Kenneth Galbraith’s Contributions to Economics

… It is not consumers who are sovereign in the modern industrial system, but rather the gigantic firms that produce and market goods and services. In Galbraith’s “revised sequence,” producers decide what shall be produced and then mold consumers’ tastes so that they buy these products…

Galbraith’s theory of consumer demand has an important policy implication: there will be an underallocation of resources to public goods. Galbraith called this circumstance “social imbalance.” The creation of artificial wants through advertising and the propensity for emulation shifts resources toward private goods and away from public goods that have greater inherent value. New automobiles are seen as being more important than new roads; vacuum cleaners in the home are desired more than street cleaners. Alcohol, comic books, and mouthwashes take on a greater aggregate importance than schools, courts, and municipal swimming pools…

This economic perversion is now well evident within secularism. Both clear-thinking and skepticism are being cast aside and replaced by ideology of the populist orthodoxy of inverted sexism and privilege. Egalitarianism and genuine humanism are superseded by tunnel-visioned exceptionalism focusing on unrepresentative minorities – pudgy pink princesses1 and their toilet slaves – at the expense of all others in the community, who are from this point forth subordinates and second class, all criminals that have not yet been caught and punished.

The degradation has many other examples wherever you look – CFI squandering vast resources (whilst simultaneously crying poor) on gender feminist thinktanks and suddenly promoting marked anti-atheist bias for example. It also occurs on the micro-economic scale at individual sponsored events – such as when Watson squanders time allocated to her to wallow in narcissistic self-pity about elevator trauma rather than using it constructively to address actual issues that matter. The entire secular movement is being undermined.

At the helm of this corruption is PZ Myers and Rebecca Watson – both screaming in unison at how unfair and cruel the world is. Cry me a river. It’s beyond slapstick. We are witnessing the murder of secularism and all of its founding values. And it is demanded we feel grateful for it and beg forgiveness from them for our infinite cruelty. It can’t get much viler.

1 – When even Ayaan Hirsi Ali points out that Watsonista style gender feminism is only interested in promoting white women and it falls on deaf ears, you know you have a problem –