Usually, when you talk about the intellectual incoherence of Watsonistas to those that are unfamiliar with the Borg-like horde, they are naturally skeptical and are prone to assume you exaggerate.

I wish it were true. But it’s not. Yes they are that incoherent. No, you are not likely to find any kind of relevant argument in any of their babbling. No, they are not really indistinguishable from one another either. Yes they are legion and yes, they have frequent flyers that throw regular flouncy fits after a final parting insult, swearing never to return, only to be back a few days later regurgitating the same gibberish.

So for the unbelievers, I have collated ~3 months worth of Watsonista commentary deposited right here, discarding only the completely incomprehensible mouth-full-of-baked-beans-sneeze type gibberish (which is all still here if you really want to look for it).

What is immediately apparent is that nowhere, in any of it, is there even a vestige of conventional argument. Nothing. The closest any have come to that is questioning the actual criminality of Becky’s abuses at – which is easily dismissed by simply consulting publicly posted criminal codes that are freely available in any western world jurisdiction. It is a non-argument that folks with any degree of self-respect would look up for themselves prior to making an issue of. Other than that, it’s just handfuls of dung being thrown from high on a lofty pedestal by Dunning-Krugerites.

You’d think someone as stupid, insane and rape-loving as myself would be a sitting duck to pick apart without having to use filth as a first resort. It’s repeated ad nasueam that I am all of the above. Yet, there has been no actual argument whatsoever. What sort of conclusions are you supposed to draw about Watsonista intellectual prowess from that? I’ll leave that to you to work out for yourself.

The notable exception in this dumbness is perhaps the one that pushes the limits of batshittery the furthest – Skeptifem. Of all of the baboons, she stands out as the only one that has any degree of personal autonomy. No wonder even the baboons treat her as an outsider – no matter how deranged her arguments may be, they are her arguments, arrived at using her own intellect, under her own head of steam. For that she is to be commended. She is a mammal, not a hive insect. In that regard she is a more fundamentally honest and decent a human being than any of the Watsonistas can ever hope to be, especially the imbeciles that call Pharyngula home.

So below is the collective baboon output. Caution: you may want a boiler suit and some goggles before proceeding. It’s pretty overwhelming. In marked contrast to how Watsonistas use the quotes of others, this is provided entirely undoctored, unedited and as exactly the same dung ball that left the baboon’s hand and linked back to the original threads for the sake of original context (which is the Watsonistas worst enemy), but generally there is no context – it’s just baboon dung. The punchline to all of this dumbness is that some of the imbeciles below are currently campaigning at freefromthought blogs to launch actions to shut down other dissenting blogs on the grounds of “abusiveness”. Seriously (see end of link).

hairy arsed bloke

Hey, shithead, what gives you the right to say what people shouldn’t and shouldn’t put up with? There are plenty of people who try and excuse the most violent and disgusting racism the same way.

All your well turned phrases can’t hide your lack of even basic good manners, let alone empathy.

Do you feel that threatened?

Scott fanetti

Dude – you are an idiot. Quit being that way.


I suppose this might be considered funny. If your sense of humor is about as advanced as that of a drunk frat guy with a learning disability, that is.


Who are you?


yeah, what a poopyhead!!!!!


Someone’s got their panties in a twist, and it’s you.

PZ Myers

Which is all relevant…how?

Nobody has said, “you must believe us, because our traffic is so vast”. What you’ve done is a classic example of a strawman argument, complete with charts and tables, all mustered to skewer an argument nobody has made…and then to cap it all off, you tag it with the labels “sluttery” and “Babylonian whores”.

We’re laughing at you, guy. I thought you’d hit the nadir before, but you just keep digging.


franchoggle says:
“No wonder the religious conservatives are laughing sadistically at our expense. Sniping, backbiting, denunciation, slander, malice and now petty revenge. In short, every negative stereotype of the godless made by the theists is coming to life before their very eyes. They are fully entitled to claim that they were right all along about us. Fantastic work Becky and PZ. Who needs to destroy us? We’re perfectly capable of destroying ourselves.”

Don’t be so modest. Your gun-toting mysoginist, and breathtakingly brainless and boring blog has been doing a great job at making atheists look like total nobs for a long time. Give yourself some credit, franc!


Oh my dear sweet jebus. You sad, sad, silly little excuse for a man. Let it go, Hoggle. All I see is the shrill rantings of a obsessive, fixated basket case. Just let it go and try to reclaim some shreds of your dignity


Is your cousin David Mabus?


New word: “To hoggle,” to hate-masturbate. And to publicize your hate-masturbation session as if you’re striking some kind of grand blow against “Neo-Puritan Neo-Nazis”

Hilarious, thanks for the neologism!

Anne Marie
Submitted on 2011/08/19 at 5:53 am | In reply to franc hoggle.

You’re pathetic.

Ben Fenton

Aww poor franc hoggle has to put effort into being a human. Poor baby can’t abuse women :( It must be so hard to be powerless in the face of all those big, bad women that smack you down when you act up. It’s just….every time I read what you wrote here, I can’t stop crying for you. Please comfort me via cybersex, franc. If it works for you, it may work for me.

Ben Fenton
Submitted on 2011/08/21 at 6:49 pm | In reply to franc hoggle.

“Just linked her as an example of someone who won’t let Myers get away with nonsense. ”
Oh, good thing we all have Officer Hoggle over here to police what we say and do.

And you’re right about the article, any woman who raises issues about being raped or cat-called on a regular basis is just trying to cut your balls off.

I’m going to guess you don’t get laid without paying for it too often. As evidence I’d cite the frothing-at-the-hysterical-mouth anger you have towards unsubmissive women. It’s like watching a spoiled two year old who just learned that their sister shit in their toybox.
Blogs and comments like those found here remind me that even though the godless community tends to be made up of more rational and moral people, like the rest of society there is still a huge element of selfish, whiny knuckledraggers who can’t bring themselves to think about a complex, emotional subject without basically having a shitfit.

Foster Disbelief


Franc, you are such a sad, sad little man.

I came here to flame you. The first post of yours I read pissed me off, and I came to argue. Then I saw this post, and saw that picture. Now I honestly just feel sorry for you.

I’m not sure if you need to wake up or grow up, but I hope that you do either, before it is too late. You don’t piss me off anymore. Your posts don’t make me angry. Just sad.

So very sad.

Submitted on 2011/09/12 at 11:17 pm | In reply to franc hoggle.

There you go again Hoggle. Shrill, obsessive, wiltingly puerile, grinding your blunt little axe and putting your flaccidity on full view of the Internet. Paid any prostitutes to watch you have an angry wank recently?

Submitted on 2011/09/13 at 1:56 pm | In reply to franc hoggle.

Dear me, you poor frustrated little man. I couldn’t give a toss – unlike you – where you put your angry inch. I’m glad, really happy for you, that you are liberated enough, man enough, enlightened enough, sophisticated enough, frustrated enough, to pay someone to watch you have a wee strop. I am merely embarrassed for you, but that’s perhaps a waste of emotion as your superior sensibilities have clearly evolved beyond that. So wank away Hoggle, wank with my blessings, and that includes your obsessive-compulsive Watson-wanking articles like this.

ps – look up the definition of ad ‘himinem’ before you use it. You may have evolved beyond any intellectual shame but it still helps to understand the phrase you’re mangling

Submitted on 2011/09/13 at 3:02 pm | In reply to franc hoggle.

ad ‘himinem’ (you’re so witty!) – yes, you don’t understand the phrase you derived it from do you?
But dear me again, your ad himinem attack on me notwithstanding, you didn’t say a single new thing did you? But that’s fine because apparently this is all a cut-and-paste from Pharyngula. And by blindly stating that and dismissing it you’ve absolved yourself of the need to actually, you know, think. Or address what I wrote.
That’s fine. Your blog, your rules. Bye Hoggle, happy obsessing over Rebecca and PZ. I’ll check in occasionally to hear how your latest wankypoos are going, because those things give me such a neo-Puritan thrill (ooo!)

Submitted on 2011/09/19 at 2:55 pm | In reply to John Greg.

Hmm. Interesting. Just taking a peek from over from skepticblog, curious to see what goes on behind the scenes with these anti-RW loons. Fun stuff. Hi John D! Hi sacha! Hi John Greg! You guys are a hoot! A HOOT! Don’t ever stop, you are doing a service for all mankind. Bless your crazy brains.

This is embarrassing.

Submitted on 2011/09/20 at 3:38 am | In reply to John Greg.

Hey guys, what’s going on in here? Hey, you’re a borderline hate group huh? Nothing but cranky codswallop from cranky ideologues.

Submitted on 2011/09/20 at 6:13 am | In reply to John Greg.

Astrokid, not really interested in talking, just here to gawk and ridicule. We’ve all seen what talking with you people accomplishes.

Submitted on 2011/09/20 at 7:42 am | In reply to John Greg.

Holy shit, how is your “dissatisfaction” not visible? From ANYWHERE!!!? All you guys do is make noise and rattle your sabers. You dicks are so loud and obnoxious you are visible from space!

FAIL! Novella has DENIED your dumping request. What part of REQUEST DENIED do you dummies not comprehend. Your tone, your toxicity, your hatred; It isn’t going to persuade anyone. So much fury, so much rage from such a little incestuous group of jerks. Your astro-turfing over there isn’t working out as well as you’d like to pretend.

Submitted on 2011/09/21 at 9:06 am | In reply to franc hoggle.

So is this a site for teenage skeptics or something? The comments read a lot like jr. high bickering.

Submitted on 2011/09/21 at 9:07 am | In reply to John D.

“fighting against the pseudo-religious fembot hoard”

Oh, cool. Dittoheads!

Do you have the femanazi trading cards?

Matthew Miller
Submitted on 2011/09/21 at 11:54 pm | In reply to Jeremy.


You might have better luck with women if you didn’t hate them so much. Blaming your cute straw man (woman) image of feminism for your lack of romantic success isn’t going to help.

Matthew Miller

“Elevatorgate has now become the gender feminist version of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons.”

I find your take on the incident to be amusing. Most the commentary I’ve read depicts the incident as regrettable, overly dramatic and embarrassing. It seems everyone who was involved is trying to put it behind them as an error, except you. If not for your need to cling to the incident as a talisman justifying your hatred of Watson, it would already be fading from memory.

Sam Strauss

Quack quack quack quack quack Watsonistas. Quack quack quack, PZ Myers. SQWAK!!! Quack, quack quack quack. Quack quack quack. Quack psychopath quack quack quack. Quack quack quack, Rebecca Watson, QUACK!!! QUACK QUACK QUACK!!! Becky quack quack! Quack ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

Matthew Miller
Submitted on 2011/09/22 at 2:01 am | In reply to franc hoggle.

You’re a catty one, aren’t you?

You want some cream to go with your comments? You’re acting more like a particularly annoying 13 year old girl than an adult of any gender.

Matthew Miller
Submitted on 2011/09/22 at 2:06 am | In reply to franc hoggle.

Do you honestly think cracks like that earn you any respect, or are you a closeted Watson fan trying to make her critics look like a gaggle of juvenile, misogynistic 12 year olds?

Seriously, how old are you?

Matthew Miller
Submitted on 2011/09/22 at 2:29 am | In reply to franc hoggle.

Now it all becomes clear.

I’m not dealing with adults, but children exploiting the fact that “On the Internet no one knows that you’re a dog.” You honestly think grade school insults constitute a valid way of expressing your views. The mere fact that I’m here, posting a reply to your misogynistic drivel, is all the victory you need. You successfully fooled me into replying as if your comments deserved a modicum of respect or the courtesy of discussion.

Submitted on 2011/09/22 at 4:46 am | In reply to Anne Marie.

Rape jokes, eh? You can go fuck yourself frank hoggle.

Submitted on 2011/09/22 at 5:16 am | In reply to John Greg.

Take a look around you buddy. This is the shit you are associating with. This is the bare face of franc hoggle, this is who he really is. He thinks rape is funny.


Interesting blog.

I have seen stalker blogs before, and yours is only one step removed. The insecurity is so thick you can almost cut it with a knife – for goodness, sake, look at the number of grade-school insults in the “tags” that supposedly describe this post. And all the anger over a “guys, don’t do that” comment in a frickin’ Internet video.

I suggest therapy, dude.


So this is what an orgy of self important loathing looks like!

Cool, well off to fulfilling things in life, enjoy your co-dependence!


You’re pretty creepy, posting this. It’s not topical, nor is it a criminal issue. Why would you post it?


I’ll bet you could manage even to pull the wings off a fly if you had half a dozen of your mates handy to hold it down.

Pike Rust

Sad, sad, sad,

What a heap of mouse droppings.

An Observer

You people are pathetic. Get a life.


I’m one of those who think elevator gate was a non-incident. Someone did something that was creepy to someone else, other person brought it up. Shoulda been the end, but nosy drama whores in the community blew it out of proportion.

The owner of this blog… is a driveling drama whore. There’s nothing but butthurt whining over things they aren’t even personally involved with. Go do something productive, play outside, get medicated, go to an anger management course, become a Christian so we don’t have to tolerate you in our community. Thanks.


Ewwww this entire blog looks like angry losers on the outside, looking in. Who cares if what PZ wrote was valid or not? You’re spending more time complaining than he did writing. Go be productive; help the community by doing something good, rather than behaving like an infant in soiled diapers.


Sorry loser, I know exposing your stupidity will only make you more defensive. Anger whores live on humiliation. I’m doing something productive by asking you to stop making our community look like whining basement dwellers, using the only language you understand. Bitching.

This is my last post. Enjoy your productive days spent thinking about how much you hate people part of your own same, small cause.

Just Amazed

Ok, after reading this I came up with a more appropriate name for the blog:

“It Puts the Lotion on Its Skin: frightening ramblings from the twisted mind of Jard Laughner’s slightly more functional older brother.”

Obsession isn’t a good thing, bruh.

Just Amazed
Submitted on 2011/10/01 at 12:14 pm | In reply to franc hoggle.

Wow. In addition to being blindly obsessed with Watson, you’re a shitty comment troll on your own blog. The source of the “inadequate male” rage is becoming clear.

And though this is quite far down on the list of “shit you need to learn,” there’s a difference between offering a witty comeback and giving into the pathetic impulse to just get in the last word on the internet. You’re clearly one of those dullards that thinks posting last means you’ve accomplished something. I preemptively submit your response to this post as evidence of that phenomenon.

Just Amazed
Submitted on 2011/10/02 at 12:52 pm | In reply to franc hoggle.

That was a pretty impressive failure on a number of levels.

First, I’m not demanding or even requesting a civil response from you. I know that even if you were capable of forming such thoughts, your meager writing skills would forestall any expression of such in these comments. If you had managed something even marginally witty, that would have been something.

But great work. POOP FUNNY, HAHAHA. Good stuff. Somewhere a sixth grader is taking notes, well played, sir. Oh, and “baboon boy,” what a stroke of genius. Clearly nothing will stop your meteor from rising.

Again, you’re just a pissy, angry idiot that spends a disturbing amount of time harassing a woman via the internet.

Submitted on 2011/10/04 at 5:06 pm | In reply to franc hoggle.

“It just oozes unpleasantness and spite in a very failed attempt to be amusing”

Say, isn’t that your deal franc hoggle?

Submitted on 2011/10/05 at 7:09 am | In reply to franc hoggle.

^Citation needed. Not sure what you’re on about, as I am not this person on these vegan lovers things. Links? Is this how you spend your time? Looking up your guests’ IPs and constructing wonderfully elaborate webs and stories about them? That’s some serious mental malfunctioning you are having, but hey, who am I talking to? It’s franc hoggle! The king of mental disorders! The man who defines cyberstalking and internet harassment, and mentally deranged obsessions! :D Good times buddy, don’t ever quit!

Nice touch with the “Hi! I’m a toilet slave!” nick, really demonstrates the level you operate on ;)


Aww, is that Adrienne Myers chiming in on the hoggle’s internet diarrhea? How tremendously fitting :D What a bunch of derps. LMFAO!


Oh Franc. Still hatin’ on eh? Still with the squealing and stamping and squawking at that mean ol’ PZ and that woman, whatsername, who said being hit on in elevators made her uncomfortable?

Submitted on 2011/10/11 at 12:29 am | In reply to franc hoggle.

Good god, you replied in five minutes. Obsessive much?
Really Spanc, it’s not a problem. You don’t deserve substance. Your fanatical hatewanks over PZ and Rebecca Watson simply emphasize your gradual divorce from skepticism or anything approaching intellectual rigour. I merely watch your trainwreck from the sidelines.
You have become a parody of Kevin Donnelly. So carry on, Spanc. I pity you. That’s all

toilet slaveJohn Morales
Submitted on 2011/10/16 at 9:00 pm | In reply to franc hoggle.

I take it “Watsonista” is supposedly another funny neologism?

(Would that make you an ERVist?)

Addendum –

Almost forgot about the losers I’ve had to ban, like Leland Jory, the über-toilet slave with the honour of being the first non-christian to try shut this place down via spurious complaint generation. Leland, probably the record holder for saying nothing with maximum verbosity, doesn’t like having his nose rubbed in his own doo-d00.


Submitted on 2011/07/29 at 12:44 am | In reply to Phil Giordana, FCD.

@franc: Oh, believe me, the adjective I’d use to describe your writing style would definitely not be “subtle”. You’re about as subtle as a pound of C4.
One thing I have noticed about your writing style is its similarity to a couple of other people’s, like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh.
So I figured I’d humour you and read the posts leading up to this point (so you wouldn’t have to change the level of stupid you regularly write at). I’ve noticed a profound lack of one thing in your posts: factual information. You love to go off on these rants, yet you post no facts (except for web metrics, which say precisely nothing relevant). You set up straw men (straw people?) one after another, and only end up sounding like a right-wing nut job.
I especially like the part where you play the “poor, persecuted white guy” card. Why is it so hard for you (and your entourage) to accept the fact that, in this one instance, this woman might have actually felt a negative emotion? More importantly, why is it so hard for you to a) accept that it was her right to feel whatever she felt, b) accept that it was her right to blog about it, and c) let it fucking go?
Instead, you call her a fembot (what’s the matter, Rush? Don’t have the balls to call her a feminazi?), and cast aspersions on the intelligence of those who disagree with you ON THIS ISSUE. I’ve gotta be honest, I haven’t read all of your work (there aren’t enough hours in the day). I have a feeling I would have a problem with your overall rhetorical style, given the examples in the posts I’ve read recently, but I can’t say anything about your intelligence because I DON’T KNOW YOU.
I’m sure you have something valid to say, you just need to consider how it will sound to your audience.
BTW, if you have it in your power, I’d love it if you could kick me out of this conversation. WordPress won’t let me unsubscribe from these comments. Plus, you’ll get a nice little endorphin rush.

There’s probably another 5,000 words of the same kind of gibberish. And the record for speed garbage goes to John Morales for pumping out 16 unique and verbose pieces of gibberish in 54 minutes. One item is preserved above.