Which one’s MacKinnon?

Oh how cute – one of the “I really really hate Rebecca Watson” crowd has made a fake Twitter account in order to do a lot of stupid self-implicating tweets as if by Rebecca. Oh haha that’s so funny – what’s next, emptying a pail of garbage in her bed? Locking a skunk in her bathroom? Putting a bomb under her car?

— Our Ophelia, Brevity is the soul of wit

You have to love it. “Freethought”blogs in action. Continuing a proud tradition of cherry-picking and confirmation bias as evidence for truth, Ophelia has blundered onto another nugget of nothing and seizes on it, without any hesitation or any inclination to research it, and immediately exploits it to full strategic advantage. And excess, by conflating criticism of poor innocent Becky Watson with car bombing while she’s at it. No slander is too vile.

Quite unlike those horrid assholes at ERV that she despises with her whole vagina – who similarly saw this item and dismissed it as juvenile, copycat 4channery – Ophelia immediately grasps it uncritically with both fists and declares it evidence because it tells her what she wants to hear – that her suspicions are valid and her assumptions, as always, are right.

So here we have it again – what passes for critical thinking at the new baboon empire. In her haste to condemn, Ophelia bypasses reality entirely as little more than an annoying impediment. The few remaining rational minds amongst us, ie. the enemy, on the other hand did not merit this Twitter idiocy with any more than a passing mention. And on seeing replicate idiocies surfacing elsewhere, actually did some detective work and now have a rough idea of the culprits, including associated websites1 and probable geolocation. These are just common ‘net losers seeking nothing more than attention, and who have been indiscriminate in who they have targeted – and Watson is guaranteed to sucker in emotional imbeciles, as Ophelia has just proven. This detail though, of course, is irrelevant – where we see nonsense, Ophelia sees strategic advantage to, yet again, kick Abbie Smith, the object of her undying hatred.

How to be a sour cunt

You see, Ophelia is typical of her gender feminist / slave moralist tribe. While she does express a deep and malignant hatred for all things penis enhanced, her real venom is reserved for other women like Abbie Smith.

Nothing grates on Ophelia more than women who have no need for her self-righteous whining. Chicks like Abbie then grind salt into the wound by being independent and successful in their own right and doing it without crutches or sheltered workshops or white knights like the Baboon King to come riding to the rescue.

There is no resentment quite so bitter as that which focuses on those that clearly show to the world what a failure you are by comparison. Ophelia has cultivated a pathological hatred for Abbie – a classic bitch fight – which Abbie makes even worse by having too much dignity to return. So Ophelia churns out blog spittle, filtering reality to find isolated snippets to paste together in collage and demonise Abbie – that is all a hollow shell, dried out, South Park feminist spite monger can really do. She has nothing of substance to fight with. Female misogyny – it makes alleged male misogyny2 look truly pathetic.

Not that it’s necessary, but it’s still always fresh to read each new piece of Ophelia’s dried prune malevolence

Meanwhile according to one of Abbie Smith’s goons, calling me a cunt would be an insult to vaginas. Right, I can see that – because – because – um – because I think Abbie Smith and her goons should not call people cunts, twats, fucking bitches and all the rest of it. So yeah, sure, obviously that makes me whatever that word we don’t have yet is, that’s worse than cunt.

It’s a production line. Ophelia doesn’t just want to hurt Abbie – she wants to destroy her. She wants to ruin her professionally by saturating google with these types of items. This is raw, woman hating malice. It’s what you do when you don’t have a penis to rape with. This is what makes Ophelia such a natural fit at baboon central.

Of course when dealing with idiocy of this kind, there is an infinite n+1 idiot regression. There are worse things than Ophelia – those that read her. Like this human skidmark calling for censorship in the name of the Greater Good after being inspired by Ophelia’s preaching –

John Kane says: …Does this mean that ERV is getting away with something? Should people make complaints to National Geographic about this?

Does National Geographic really want to have the largest collection of hate-speech this side of FOX News on one of is more visible blogs?

I wager that a handful of complaints from readers abut ERV would shut those blog posts down…

Why don’t you go to town John-boy? The Streisand Effect is a very good thing. Because then we can also dig out the ScienceBlogs archive of the baboon board – and associated nonsense from other loons that followed The Naked Emperor into the new Soviet.

Pit of fucking nihilists that create nothing. All they want to do is destroy others, stifle their words and control their thoughts whilst generating nothing of any positive value in return. This is the true essence of the slave rebellion – faced with the awful realisation of their abjectness and the complete impossibility of attaining equity on intrinsic merit, they respond in the only way their limited abilities allow – drag all else around down to the level of their own gutters.

Bright side is people are finally catching on to this obvious reality, and that is a good thing. As is the fact that maniacs like Ophelia are all now congregating under the one roof in the ideological ghetto that is the Crisis Factory – concentrated idiocy is so much harder to hide.

1 – No, I am not going to link it here. Attention is what these cretins crave, and they have also left idiocy here. I have mentioned them several times and if you really need evidence, there are links in other recent posts here. Not funny, not clever and as far as trolling goes, lame even by ’90s US college standards.

2 – Still waiting for even one instance of atheist “misogyny” from the Patriarchal Conspiracy™ to be substantiated – where the movement has visibly approved the ill-treatment of women. Hell will freeze – because there aren’t any. Conversely, evidence of misogyny from females just keeps growing.