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It reminds me of an observation made by Peter Sloterdijk in his Critique of Cynical Reason

“The violent, antirationalistic impulse in Western countries is reacting to an intellectual state of affairs in which all thinking has become strategy

This is what we are seeing here – all language and communication reduced to strategy. This is the precursor to all communication is propaganda, or more simply, when communication itself, a two way transfer of unfiltered information1, ceases.

This nonsense dissection of language has nothing to do with discourse or exchange of ideas, and everything to do with finding strategic advantage.

What you say is not relevant. How what you say can be reframed for advantage is.

Communication is reduced to propaganda. It ceases to be communication with any value.


The sheer extent of this information abuse is, quite frankly, frightening and only gets worse the more you look at it. Proceed at own risk.

What I think is a new addition to the Baboon Empire (and my stomach is not up to viewing it regularly) is Jason Thibeault, who offers us this piece –

The Problem with Privilege (or: Evidential Skepticism)

In a herculean effort of doublethink he attempts to build the case that there is a misogynist conspiracy to assassinate Becky Watson’s character whilst simultaneously expressing his love of Ophelia Benson, who’s balanced and intellectual critiques of Abbie Smith and ERV are nothing of the sort.

He then completes his biathlon by proving that those that express doubt at Becky’s elevator hysterics are no different to Obama birthers or 9/11 conspiracists –

There’s a subset of skeptics that are skeptical well past reasonable levels. There are people who will pore over every detail of a paper or news article hoping to find (or spin) some part of it into something supporting their overarching worldview that the paper doesn’t actually do by itself — think global warming denialists […]

These people are unhinged lunatics, for the most part. And the manner in which they are unhinged is that skepticism normally works by keeping us from believing every little thing that’s suggested to us uncritically. I posit that the abovementioned groups are victims of a runaway skepticism of the sort that produces AGW denialists, Birthers, the Tea Party, 9/11 Truthers, New World Order conspiracy nutjobs, and just about anyone else who says something about “the establishment keeping the truth suppressed”.

Entirely rational assessment. Apples are oranges. It’s been proven. Jews drink baby blood. Niggers want to rape your wife. Etc. Reality is Play-Doh to be molded at will. These are the intellectual standards of Baboon Land and its Overlord.

What can you do in the face of this mindlessness? While the truth of Becky’s story is indeed an important point, it is only a minor one in the face of the much larger issue – which is the wholesale undermining and corruption of the entire secular movement. And what dingbat misses entirely is that it is not doubt of Becky’s babbling that is the issue, it is the complete absence of doubt from the Believers. This New Skepticism that has taken root has only one test for assessing any kind of claim –

Does it confirm our biases?

If the answer is yes, then it is true and the discussion is over.

And if that’s not enough, Stephanie Zvan, mother of the I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-parody Dear Dick letter, gives us a missive that is the latest installment of her series on correct and incorrect language use –

“Elevatorgate” Challenge #2

As an aside, let me note for the record that in the three months since I wrote that letter, not one person has asked me what it meant. Luckily, I don’t have to wait for permission to speak on the topic. And the answer is quite simple.

In case you were unaware, “Dick” is the British diminutive form of “Richard.” In the U.S., it might also be “Rich” or “Rick,” but in the UK, we’re down to basically “Dick” for common choices. So that was what I used.

Yet another sophist, self-justifying quagmire that says nothing and tries to imply everything by waffling. Toxic nonsense from a dumb, numb cunt so terrified of language that she feels the need to give the world a lecture on the Queen’s English after being wracked by guilt for daring to say “dick”

Just another supporting effort in the crusade to convince us that words themselves are evil, and in themselves are sufficient evidence to prove the criminality of anyone you have taken a dislike to. Writing the legal texts for the Kangaroo court system.

If the aim of the exercise from the Watsonistas has been to completely destroy language, discourse and the very act of freely communicating itself, then by any measure, it is a resounding success. The examples above are the rule, not the exception, of the kind of derangement that is churning out around the clock from the Crisis Factory. The process never varies. When it’s not fabricating nonsense from scratch, it is custom deforming something that already is. When a new communication is received, the first response is not “what is that person saying?”, it’s “how can I warp this to my advantage?” Jason Thibeault is a prime example, and one that sinks to new lows, by conflating criticism of Watson with conspiracy theory and extreme right politics.

The first response of those that have never been exposed to Baboon Land is “wtf?”, followed by “these people are insane…” and a look of askance to you in the hope you will say “relax, it’s satire…”

It’s not. It’s real. It is cultivated and deliberate incoherence. It is the public face of secularism. No wonder the christian conservative bloggers are wetting themselves laughing. They are fully entitled to, and in comparison, they are pillars of reason.

There is no real way to combat this insanity either. Even if the Baboon Palace new Soviet did not have a censorship Iron Curtain in place2; even if the derangement made some kind of effort at fallacy control and logic; even if the baboons did start playing the ball and not the man and suspended their vile habits of slander and insult as a first resort – it would still be impossible to argue anything when what you say and what they hear are always guaranteed to have no relation to each other. They have contrived a genuine impenetrability to any reason outside of approved dogma. They *are* creationists. There is nothing left, apart from the cause and the god, to be able to tell them apart.

1 – As Robert Anton Wilson put it in _Prometheus Rising_:

Intelligence is the capacity to receive, decode and transmit information efficiently. Stupidity is blockage of this process at any point. Bigotry, ideologies etc. block the ability to receive; robotic reality-tunnels block the ability to decode or integrate new signals; censorship blocks transmission.

The Watsonistas live and breathe all of these communication blockages.

2 – A censorship so enthusiastic that you don’t even have to participate in the dung flinging, ahem, “discussion” there to earn a permanent ban, as I discovered myself.

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