Once again, Justicar (with the aid of the usual haters and rapists at ERV of course) is as sharp as a tack and picks up on some new nonsense in an already nonsensical piece of earlier slave wallowing from The Naked Emperor.

This is just so precious. When an actual geneticist pops into the baboon board, humbly and without fanfare or announcing he is such, and gets torn apart and branded a liar and a moron for his use of the term phenotype, it is funny –

Sally @432:

Donkane is a cowardly liar. Feel free to come back and prove me wrong, Donkane. Yes of course, all those research grants. Busy busy now! And those BIG BIG words! “Phenotype,” golly, what a smart cookie you are!

When that geneticist is Dr Donald A. Kane and is also, by all accounts, one of the folks that has some kind of hand on the purse strings1 to much of the Baboon King’s funding, it becomes priceless.

What we see here, on display for all, is that Myers and his army of monkey-see-monkey-do morons not only are an absolute disgrace to atheism / secularism and, most outrageously “freethought” (by claiming that appellation as their own), they are also becoming even more of a disgrace to the scientific community.

It is high time the baboon board got some genuine scrutiny from academia. Science is fighting for its very life against a rising tide of anti-intellectualism and resurgent superstition. The last thing it needs is an imbecile horde – like the one that Myers has personally trained, unleashed on the world, and leads by example – to further erode its standing.

Pharyngudrones - unified, independent thinkers

The Pharygudrones are here fully exposed for all to see – a slobbering, incoherent lunch lynch mob ruled by the groupthink of the pack. No logic, no reason, no structure, just tribal bloodlust. And the ability to pirouette their opinion in unison on a dime, like Nureyev, into a direct opposite view in an instant, as the Bachmann frankfurter episode clearly displayed – and still maintain they have intellectual integrity with a straight face.

A fucking disgrace. The lot of them. But especially the Naked One.

Justicar’s full blog can be seen here, with many, many more juicy extracts –

Caine, Fluer du Mal Is A Lying She-hag, and other observations


1 – This does require confirmation. But the fact that the Baboon King made a rare display of leashing and muzzling his minions indicates there is some kind of pecuniary risk. He certainly never does this out of ethical consideration.