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“These are people who desperately want to insult me, but have neither the wit nor the intelligence to do it properly.”Our Becky

Ouch. I don’t know how I can ever recover my dignity.

It’s that time again, when Becky has been caught red-handed doing something stupid and/or gratuitously self-serving and/or criminal and knowing full well that there is no way to back-peddle, deny or squirm her way out of it, Becky falls back on her reliable triple-play of trivialisation, distraction and playing the victim card about being bullied by the misogynist conspiracy – with the usual quote mining, context abuse, disregard for reality and outright deception.

Becky takes exception to my calling her “dumber than dogshit” (and a shopping list of other crimes I’ll return to later) over her latest boot-in-mouth numbskullery in proclaiming to the world, with a very sincere face, that the church executed Galileo. Evidently it’s just a twee boo-boo that should just be overlooked, especially when its from such an eminent and universally admired intellectual as herself, and that it’s all being blown out of proportion by nasty and jealous assholes. Replay of a replay of a replay.

No Becky. This is not something you simply “retract” and “correct” like it never happened, as you seem to think is reasonable in your followup whine. This was not a drunken pub conversation. This was a premeditated performance piece cum1 sermon to what you assumed to be an audience of devoted and unquestioning acolytes which, unfortunately for you, got noticed by a few folks that still retain rudimentary critical faculties.

This was a rant born of the arrogance of infallibility. The result of enjoying privileged status protected from criticism and exempt from accountability, leading to a slothful inertia that just allows you to babble whatever stream of consciousness nonsense crosses your mind, devoid of any trivial considerations such as fact checking which, quite frankly, seems beneath your dignity to bother with. You preach to converts, they don’t care anyway. It is babble born of contempt and pudgy, pink laziness. And it blew up in your face and now you are squealing about how unfair people are.

Well, princess, and as distasteful as it is to a steadily growing number of people, you are not just an ordinary citizen blogger / Youtuber. You are one of the public faces of secularism. With the perks comes the responsibility – and the big one is having both intellectual integrity and coherence. Fail and fail.

If you can so royally cock up basic history about Galileo, history which any typical high school student (at least in Australia) should know, what does it say about the other torrents of gibberish you demand that people swallow unquestioningly?

I think this is what can politely be termed an expectation deficiency. You have no right to be such an ignorant buffoon in public and at the same time claim to be a worthy community representative and spokesperson. You are duty bound to not be stupid in public. Fail, fail, fail, fail. 15 seconds on the cesspit of lies is all it would have taken – but your manifest privilege, sense of entitlement and outright hubris places you above such triviality.

Whilst I agree that “dumber than dogshit” is hardly a quantitative scientific assessment, qualitatively it is neither ambiguous nor an exaggeration. So I see no need to retract something I got right. The first time around.

But this is all just one part of a much longer monotone whine Becky has posted on off our backs Skepchick, where arguably, the opening line is the only objective and factual one –

Mom, Don’t Read This

Warning: this is long and rambling and goes nowhere.

It’s all infinite cruelty Becky is suffering, name-dropping of chumps she still holds by the balls, and putting the boot into those that deviate from established orthodoxy, whilst distracting and diverting from personal responsibility. And it is long – I’m not the only one being sternly lectured to. After the obligatory patience-of-a-saint-suffering-martyrs-arrows preamble about hatemail, she commences her shopping list grievances starting with the Dr. Mengele of gender traitors, Abbie Smith

Abbie Smith at ERV was, as far as I could tell, the first to actively encourage people to replace intelligent discussion and inquiry with blind hatred and bile. That’s where the name “Rebeccunt Twatson” apparently arose – see? Impressive! If you listen hard enough, you can hear the ghost of Ambrose Bierce chuckling and nodding his head in approval.

Becky has the same problem with Abbie as she does with any other critic – complete absence of rebuttal. Therefore, catastrophism, quote mining and misrepresentation are the only alternatives that remain.

First up Becky – I don’t see Abbie drawing up lists of prohibited books nor indulging in blacklists of known traitors. Nor launching denunciations against people purely on the basis of who they are. The fact that Abbie does not censor opinion expressed on her board to only allow that which is in monocultured agreement is what makes it not only entirely different to Skepchick, but also infinitely more enlightening.  This fact in itself though is not a foundation on which to base a personal attack on her.

"I'm from Pharyngula. Taking me seriously is not optional."

There is nothing at all preventing Watsonistas from participating at Abbie’s place. Only problem is that all of the ones who have have been much like you – hollow people with nothing but mud-slinging and personal insult to offer, and they just huff and puff and then slink away when nobody takes them seriously. Much like The Naked Emperor did – he raged and roared for a bit, but did not appreciate being laughed at for being little more than a shallow cartoon caricature, had a hissy meltdown and left…

Myers is not very comfortable in any environment where he does not have god-like control (ie. outside of the baboon board). I have noticed – he did the same respect ma authoritah routine here. Got very angry at not being taken seriously. Probably worked it off with a furious wank afterwards looking at Becky’s calendars.

Then there’s a dig at someone just “randomly” plucked from the ether –

there are the Tweets and the Facebook messages that make little to no sense, like this one from just last night:


What’s not to get you knucklehead? Some folks, even females, just don’t like Kool-aid. Seems perfectly clear to me. The door didn’t hit your ass on the way out and she is glad you no longer darken it.

Well, maybe the selection was not so “random”… I think it’s safe to say that Adrienne too has been branded a gender traitor for expressing independent opinion and walking upright, and this is just a ritual public shaming. To say it was an innocent “random” choice pushes credulity to the limits. It’s rather juvenile actually. And oh so typical.

As for this clown, neither I nor anyone I know knows who he is other than a blog spammer fishing for outrage from anyone who offers it – obviously he/she has come to the right place with Becky. That these two buffoons collided in the first place is funny enough, but nowhere near as funny as Becky just swallowing it hook, line and tackle box without thinking. But again, hardly surprising when outrage is the fuel in the tank that you need to keep topped up. I suspect this same person is also responsible for Becky’s Encyclopedia Dramatica entry – its full of link spam for the same blog. While it’s cheap, vulgar and offensive (like its subject matter), its the kind of crap that professional victims love to feed on as “evidence” and is ultimately counterproductive. It does however contain more substantially real information than you’ll ever get out of any Watsonista.

And so the straw clutching for sympathy burbles on. But, let’s just go back and do some of what’s Becky’s favourite hobby – let’s talk about me. Or rather her creative mangling of what I say. She’s devoted a fair slab of her blog to me, but if she thinks that’s gonna improve her chances of getting laid… well, I just resent being objectified in this manner. We’ve covered Galileo and dogshit. Next is her favourite post of mine –

My favorite of Hoggle’s posts is the one in which he says that I’m an honest-to-Jesus criminal who should be arrested

Creative license. Reminiscent of the typical ridicule via hyperbole sleight of hand trick she used to distract people from the reality of her ban using her “joke” Facebook Causes page. That I never said Watson should be arrested, no matter how much she may actually deserve it, is not relevant. What is relevant is to exaggerate the emotional dichotomy of poor innocent, fun loving Becky and evil, malignant, vindictive Franc and milk it for what it’s worth.

What I actually said is Becky committed a clearly criminal act, her motivation was malice and spite, and that there are plenty of precedents of people serving jail time for lesser offenses. I have no interest in rehashing – all of the details, including US state-by-state criminal statutes, are spelled out in the linked post. Subtle difference – pointing out criminality as opposed to demanding prosecution and vengeance – but not one you want to highlight when you are manipulating mindless hordes in a personality cult.

But the charge remains – Watson has proven that given the opportunity, she has no baseline moral or ethical boundaries preventing her from committing criminal acts. This is not someone I want representing me as a secularist.

Similarly Becky garbles my questions about her education – or readily evident lack of. Her Myspace page was not presented as any kind of “evidence” or whatever else she assumes I did it for. It was presented to show how little evidence there is about anything Becky has done – this rubbish is the only thing that seems to exist. How appalling for someone with this in-your-face presence to have zero information available. The question remains – is there really no real life achievement, or is it deliberately being hidden? If you are going to make a career out of being an opinionated blabbermouth who is supposed to be trusted as an intellectual representative, it is not outrageous for people to want to see some substance. Of all the celebrity skeptics, Becky stands out as being the only one with a deliberately obfuscated background.

Put another way Becky, you can name drop all you like. It doesn’t mean shit and doesn’t magically make you smart. I once fucked Mel Gibson’s brother’s ex-wife. That doesn’t make me a movie star.


The remaining charges are from the peanut gallery and are indicative of the wallowing slave / victim mentality that envelopes Watsonistas like gold foil wrapping a turd –


It really is the final mark of a loser when you begin squealing about intimidation and right of speech in defense of the most heavily censoring, dissent controlling, slanderous, mindlessly authoritarian fascist control freaks that have ever poisoned the secular diaspora. Doublethink implodes.

For the record Becky, I don’t want you to “shut up”. I just want you to stop masquerading as a skeptic and a freethinker. You are neither. You are a tunnel-visioned ideologue that treats reality as though it were Play-Doh to be molded at will to conform to your derangement. And that the public secular stage is something you have sole entitlement to and are free to spout whatever gibberish crosses your mind on without accountability and in magic armor to deflect all criticism. You are an uneducated, semi-literate, axe-grinding fraud and nothing I can ever write can make you look any more stupid than you do yourself with your own words. The Galileo gaffe is only your most visible atrocity against intellect – it is however the cherry on top of a mountainous dung heap.

Yes you are perfectly free to spout whatever divisive, demonising, inflammatory propaganda you please providing you don’t do it with the misrepresentation that you speak on behalf of the entire godless and skeptic communities – especially not the females who you are driving away in droves. You are the very antithesis of the spirit of both movements. You are the anti-Enlightenment. You are raw lollipop and lipstick fascism that displays no remorse or conscience in destroying those that disagree with you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

If you think I am obsessive in blogging about you, then that is because you are such a total package of everything that has gone wrong with secularism. But stick this thought in your trough and snort it – you are only a symptom of a much larger disease – a systemic corruption that is hell bent on destroying what precious little is left of our Enlightenment Freethought legacy and replacing it with a rigid, authoritarian neopuritanism every bit as vile and sub-humanist as anything that theists have ever come up with.

You have been a primary driver in instilling a culture of nepotic sycophancy into the godless and skeptic communities and now its tentacles reach all the way up into the boardroom of the CFI.

You are creating a secularism that wallows in gutters, who’s only creative impulse is self-pity and at every turn you look for scapegoats to blame for your own misery.

You are a pit of destructive nihilism and you want to suck everything down the drain with you.

That is why you are such a vile and detestable creature and why your precious little pussy, much to your chagrin, has absolutely nothing to do with it.

How precious your crash will be when it finally happens. There is no if, only when. You are already spiralling with this nonsense.

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