My first alarm bells about what I term new, new atheism began going off several years ago when the phenomenon of atheist social sites began surging in popularity.

Belief may be the death of intellect for the armchair philosopher, but for the realist, it is popularity, and populism, that does the real damage. And having experienced the heartbreak of watching some of these sites from point of inception, where they were amazing hotbeds of dissident discourse amongst some of the brightest on the ‘net, slowly degrade, as the masses arrived, into a toxic miasma of faux moralism, ideological axe grinding, Gollum inspired “don’t be a dick” censorship and witch hunting, it is difficult to not succumb to despair.

Figureheads which should have acted with integrity and shown clear leadership to maintain intellectual and ethical standards instead succumbed to the lure of chasing ratings and audience numbers at any cost. So hope got drowned in a bucket and what we ended up with instead was a bunch of godless Oprah Winfrey shows.

New, new atheists

I theorised right from the very beginning that the primary impulse driving this corrupted derangement of new, new atheism was in itself nothing new, but in fact a resurgent neo-puritanism. What clearly stands out is not only their addiction to moral panic of all variety, especially the sexual, but also their home brand secularised, yet equally irrational, new demonology that feeds off scapegoating and trial by lynch mob. Peas in a pod with the fundamentalist theists they despise.

This is, of course, fertile ground for any shameless demagogue to exploit – it is a wet dream. And exploit is precisely what the Gruesome Twosome of The Naked Emperor and The Pudgy Pink Princess have done and are still doing – with both fists. Myers with his own brand of soccer hooligan yellow journalism and Watson with her regurgitation of divisive gender feminism fomenting a fresh slave rebellion – each with a bucket of reclaim-the-night red paint to clearly mark all heretics and dissenters.

Rebecca Watson and PZ Myers (artists impression)

What lies plainly at the heart of all of the Elevatorgate dumbness, when you hose away the noise and sophist codswallopery, is this vulgar puritan impulse of the new, new atheist.

What was a trivial non-event, of the kind that any high school kid could deal with more maturely than Watson, and further, an event that has not been substantiated in any way1, has been escalated to the level of a Jyllands-Posten cartoon crisis through orchestrated, and premeditated, hysteria.

In all of her public appearances harping about it, be it at conferences or on Youtube, the one constant has been Watson’s “violated nun” routine. It is this routine that has elevated the unknown EG to the status of a quasi-religious icon of transcendent evil that, much as the J-P cartoons did for the islamists, provided a convenient focal point for the hatred of all the fragile, misandrist, professional victim axe grinders that make up the greater mass of new, new atheism.

Whilst superficially, EG is symbolic of everything that Watsonistas detest, as Watson’s dummy spit at Dawkins clearly displays – “Thanks, wealthy old heterosexual white man!” – post-fallout it has come to be much, much more. The incendiary rhetoric from Watsonistas directed at non-compliant women, the blacklists of known dissidents, and the relentless personal vilification of any and all who disagree shows this as being much more than simple misandry. This is a wholesale assault on anybody who dares to deviate from the narrow, and blatantly fascist by nature, ideology of the Watsonista camp. They, who push doublethink to the limit by proclaiming themselves “freethinkers”, are making a concerted effort to rout out the last remaining pockets of the actual traditional Freethinkers from the godless and skeptic movements and establish their own 1000 year Reich.

In my very first post on this idiocy, I highlighted this repulsive neo-puritanism as the primary driving force behind it. And likewise, from the very start, the Watsonista denialism kicked in. How dare I accuse such enlightened, thoroughly modern progressives of such retrogression? Calling bullshit for bullshit, I proceeded to mount the case and proportionally the denialist shrieking crescendoed.

So in the face of a situation not a whole lot different to arguing with a child about their bedtime, it was time for WWDD – What would Diogenes do? So, I tried to do the guru proud and posted a brief, unashamed article on obtaining some live adult sexual services – against the general wisdom of some friends. And to be honest, even I had second thoughts the next day. But… the qualms took no time to dissipate as the gibberish began rolling and the experiment proved itself to be more than worthwhile. The original post can be read here, as can all of the responses.

What transpired can only really be compared to getting run over by a manure truck. Just a protracted torrent of cliched terms of derision and abuse rearranged in seemingly random sequences. Lots of references to penile dysfunction, insecurity, rape and so forth in infinite regress. This cretin is a fairly representative example –

aaron Says:
September 22, 2011 at 5:16 am  

Take a look around you buddy. This is the shit you are associating with. This is the bare face of franc hoggle, this is who he really is. He thinks rape is funny.

Using aaron’s tortured logic, anyone that eats a hamburger also likes watching cows get skinned alive for nyucks2. Drama, hyperbole, ad himinem, appeal to emotion, guilt by association etc. etc. – these are the baboons that Myers trains and unleashes on the world, and personally leads by example. This is the “freethought” he advocates.

So what lessons were learned? Just the ones predicted –

  1. They are puritans, no ifs or buts
  2. They hate adults being allowed to be adults
  3. They hate candor about sex, in fact even seem terrified of sex itself
  4. They hate adults being able to access professional sex services
  5. There is evidently no such thing as a consensual and enlightened sex industry
  6. They seem absolutely terrified of any kind of behaviour that is not pre-approved by committee in general
  7. That dehumanisation / demonisation are a first resort for any argument
  8. That Pharyngudrones make AOL users in the ’90s look like rocket scientists as far as jerking them around on a string goes

There is more of course, but that’s the gist. Most disturbing of all, not a single one of the baboons was prepared to acknowledge the possibility that the lady at the other end was human and autonomous enough to make her own decisions in the proceedings. In other words, be an independent human being acting voluntarily and with full awareness and responsibility. Let alone the fact that she may have knowingly been exploiting me. As far as they are concerned, she is some kind of subhuman not even worth acknowledging.

No, the Watsonistas wallow in the victim’s gutter and they are unable to see beyond its lip – let alone be able to empathise with those that choose not to partake in the warped, self-hating slave morality they choose to cripple themselves with. In their reality, everyone is a victim whether they acknowledge it or not. The comments all communicated that with crystalline clarity.

Aryan women agree - PZ Myers is a real man

Spend any time wading through the Pharyngudrone responses, coupled with the deranged ravings of the likes of Skeptifem and Nine Deuce, and you begin to question whether you even belong to the same species.

What is most disturbing of all though is what you realise after a while when your inquisitiveness knows no squeamishness and you burrow around in the vilest recesses of our collective psyche for too long. And that is that this hypersensitised, obsessive puritanism is a hallmark characteristic of much of what is the absolute worst of the human species.

As has already been noted, many of Skeptifem’s rantings are virtually indistinguishable from extracts from Mein Kampf. The parallels don’t end there. It is enlightening to see these opinions from Homefront Magazine, the “racially conscious” hausfrau’s home journal, just substitute the “jew” with “white male” (I think it is sister site to

My Thoughts On Strip Clubs [48k pdf]
By Abbie – Portland

… Firstly, they denegrate women…  there are certain standards we should hold our women to. When I think of our women, I see strong, proud, dedicated activists; women who stand by their husbands, run the home, and raise their children. I do not see half-dressed hussies shaking their shit around for everyone to see. I know it is a woman’s choice to be there, so let’s not make it a choice. White men should value their women more and make it known this is not an acceptable profession…

…Lastly, strip clubs, and the porn industry in general, are mainly ran by jews w/ the mission (I believe) of spreading these negative traits I’ve detailed among our people…to corrupt our race. If we can complain about them doing it on MTV, why do we accept it in our own backyard??? And why do some of us even go so far as to support it? And don’t even give me that tired, old excuse about how “everything’s owned by jews—your food, your clothes, there’s no way to escape it”. Ok, true, but you know what? I have to buy food, I have to buy clothes, But I don’t have to spend my money in a fuckin whore house!!! And what a waste—YOU don’t get anything out of it (except maybe blue balls). At least when I buy food w/ a circle K I’m nourishing my body. When you spend money at a titty bar, you’re just lining some fat jew’s pocket and nourishing his whores’s noses w/ coke. Like I said, what a waste…

Just another variation of the Watsonista faux morality sideshow playing itself out. These are not real women, they are less than human, they have no wills of their own and the men they cater to are moral failures and perverts. They are traitors.

It is no coincidence that this kind of moral authoritarianism is the point where outright fascism and religiosity merge – and why this kind of warped religiosity is listed as a core defining characteristic of fascism. What a strange playground to also find those that allege to represent the true voice of the godless and skeptic communities.

But this neo-puritan derangement of the Watsonistas and the Baboon King goes to even further extremes than such incestuous church-state wedlock – they are tipping over into genuine Calvinist territory. The doctrine of TULIP, aka the 5 points of Calvinism, make for fascinating reading. A ready made template in fact, after it’s secularised to taste of course, but really, it’s not a whole lot different to the Borg-like structure that has decided it knows what’s best for us and wants to make us drink its ideological Kool-aid whether we like it or not –

The Five Points of Calvinism

Footnote – Before someone else raises it

I am fully aware that Rebecca Watson / Skepchick industries started up shop by being essentially a geek cheesecake / smut operation. That’s what elevates their hypocrisy by an order of magnitude – selling themselves sexually to insinuate themselves into the skeptic / godless communities and ensure a steady supply of future favours from ethically destitute patsies that allow themselves to be led about the balls. Common harlotry in common language.

These gender fascists do not denounce all impurity – they are perfectly OK with some sex. The key proviso is that it’s the kind they are 110% in control of and can dictate terms to. Anything less, and it’s misogyny, sexism and rape and they will squeal about it until the sun burns out and dies.

1 – And if EG actually does exist, there is no evidence that he even was a community member and not just some random hotel blow in, as even senior posters at speculate.

2 – Any comment derailment into vegan propaganda will be summarily deleted. My position on meat is summarised here and I refuse to discuss it beyond that. It has zero relevance to this discussion.