Crick to enrarge - you know you have to

Engrish, at least for now, is still a safe haven for good old fashioned, racially insensitive humour. Vive la Résistance! 

Not that there is a complete absence of Watsonesque guilt peddlers out there lecturing to us about how racist “Engrish” is, but for the moment they are an indiscernable minority.

Currently, there is a new viral Engrish picture doing the rounds being spammed to hell and back  – 110,000+ hits in google images and counting1. And as per usual, none of them seem to have any interest in researching its origins.

The Engrish is a photo of a display sign at some kind of Asian trade exhibition for Aier Disinfector, apparently some kind of Swiss army knife feminine hygiene gel – it’s antibacterial, contraceptive, lubricating, aphrodesiac and, so it claims, can even make you feel like a virgin again to boot. If I was a Melinda Gates, I’d buy the company. Largest scale image I could find is appended below.

I tend to become obsessive / compulsive with things like this and have to trace them back to their source. I sweated blood with this one2, but eventually, I hit pay-dirt. It was more than worth the effort – more interesting even than the image.

Aier Disinfector is marketed by Blue Cross Bio-Medical (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a “company pioneering of in vitro diagnostic”. So this is probably just a marginal income stream. The actual product page however gives you all the information you will ever need. Whether you want it is another matter –



It can ameliorate dry and flabby cunt, can slerilize, can enhance libido and increase large charge . It is external when sex for women. Use it long time can keep cunt lunstration and prevent social disease.

Effective Component

Octoxinol(0-9), Benzalkonium,Crude Aloe materials.


Colourless, flavourless transparent gel

Kill Bound

It can kill Staphylococcus Aureous, Candida Albicans ,Colibacillus

Use Procedure

Oper lid of the bottle extrude a few of the Lube on the finger. Then daub it on the cunt and condom exterior.

There it is. As plausible a link to reality as is possible in this deranged information system we occupy. Priceless.

Addendum – Revenge dish best served by rice-boy

There is a great blog/gallery of reverse Engrish funnies here –

1 – OK, 387 and climbing if you cull non-precise hits with quotation marks in the search. Still a lot.

2 – Well, 10 minutes at least tweaking boolean search strings. 10 minutes is like, forever in ‘net time.

Crick for full size