– War is Peace –

– Ignorance is Strength –

– Freedom is Slavery –


This is at least convenient – having all of the faux morality fascists congregating under the one roof.

The Naked Emperor’s brave new world in the oxymoronically, and pompously, entitled FreethoughtBlogs is growing in leaps and bounds. Recent additions to the tenants list have been –

Butterflies and Wheels – an oasis of tolerance and the epitome of non-threatening environments for women of all philosophies to speak their minds openly, free from fear or intimidation –

Butterflies & Wheels: Hastily redacted, but typical, non-threatening non-response to a woman that strayed from the herd, almost as if she had a mind of her own.

In the same post, Ophelia Benson gives everyone a lesson in civil discourse by exhibiting her respect for Abbie Smith of ERV. Share the love in her More dog whistle article1.

Almost Diamonds – seriously, what can you say about a blog that pens these sentiments, in a post ironically titled The Ironies

I’m not big on rules. I think that rules about communication are particularly harmful, since they control who gets to communicate. And it pisses me off when people try to control the avenues of communication.

– and then produces perhaps the most comically vulgar piece of arrogant gibberish that any of Elevatorgate has yet produced? The truly surreal Dear Dick letter and its priceless ultimatum –

That is why you owe us an apology as much as you owe Rebecca. When may we expect it?

What more proof do you need? Sarcasm = rape.

But the icing on the cake is the just announced arrival of none other than the High Priestess of sophist codswallopery herself, Greta Christina. She who birthed, via tag-team with Watson, the radioactive nonsense of the original atheist misogyny meme. And gave it enough traction to still be darkening our doorway to this day with no light at the end of the tunnel in sight…

What a freak-show. Stupid girls with sledgehammers, remodeling the world in their own image, and failing that, quite content to utterly destroy it for all. “If we can’t play, nobody can…”

Free-from-thought blogs is now rapidly becoming a new Soviet style ideological bloc barricaded behind its own iron curtain. This, IMHO, is a good thing. Such a concentration of raw idiocy at one IP address will only make it so much harder to disguise it as anything other than a dogma factory – not that it hadn’t already been called such from the very outset even by people outside the community. An industrial scale production line of fear, loathing, moral panic and raw hatred for anything that’s white and has a penis. Awesome. All that’s missing is the pudgy pink princess herself.

Let the good times roll.

Update 22 September: And in a development that surprises absolutely no one, Blag Hag / Jen McCreight has also relocated to the Soviet pharyngUnion –

Fairwell, Blogger. Blag Hag has a new home over at Freethought Blogs…

What does this mean for you guys? Not much content-wise. I’ll be blogging the same sort of stuff at the same frequency.

Translation – “my learning curve is a flatline, SSDD”. Jen is renowned for threatening to terrorise the world with her tits, whilst at the same time having no problem leaving us with bleeding ear drums screeching the neo-puritan sex-is-evil routine in support of violated nun Becky.

It really is all bread and circuses, just with an Orwellian twist.

1 – Men? Who needs them? No one can drive chicks away from the movement quite like other chicks. It’s just like high school all over again.