“The chief qualification of a mass leader has become unending infallibility; he can never admit an error.”Hanna Arendt

You’d think infallibility would be one of those concepts that is alien to skeptics and godless alike, and automatically relegated to status as a trait monopolised by religious loons, conspiracists and alt.science / medicine losers.

Not any more. It seems to be very popular with the new, new atheist demagogues and their undiscriminating acolytes. You don’t need to look far in general to find “godless” communities which persecute heresies that deviate from orthodoxy with the same enthusiasm as the theists and ideologues they profess to detest. The more things change…

All that this pseudo-enlightenment that everyone brags about has achieved is to replace god appointed clowns that lead the masses around by the nose with secular equivalents every bit as stupid, pedantic and bloody minded, and equally as morally and ethically barren. Cue PZ Myers, who once again ventures out from the safety of Fortress Pharyngula, to the defend the honour of his precious Vestal Virgin from the cruelty of the unwashed masses, and make an ass of himself all over again in the process –

PZ Myers says:
September 14, 2011 at 11:45 pm
The day Rebecca Watson is booted off the show at the request of obsessed lunatics like John Greg and Franc Hoggle would be the last day I’d listen. Fortunately, there’s not much risk of that: those kooks are freakin’ fringe nutcases.
I’ll be tuning in on the 23rd.

First things first, I’d like to know how I go about collecting my prize for THE MILLION DOLLAR PARANORMAL CHALLENGE from Randi.org. I believe I have successfully demonstrated telepathic projection. I no longer have to say or write anything to set The Naked Emperor off – all I need to do is think it.

What The Naked One is huffing and puffing about is a post from Steven Novella on skepticblog.org about an upcoming event 24 HOURS OF SKEPTICAL ACTIVISM – and the outrageous deviation from approved groupthink from some commentators that perhaps Becky Watson is not exactly a wise choice to even be involved with SGU. I mean really? How dare anyone have a problem? A shameless self-promoter, who shows a high degree of initiative by committing criminal acts for the sake of petty malice, and has spent several years now obsessively, and indiscriminately, mounting racist, sexist and ageist campaigns vilifying entire demographics within the godless and skeptic communities for no logical reason other than to fragment them for some perverted personal agenda. I mean what’s not to like?

So it’s only natural that Myers should feel so deeply hurt that anyone would dare to cast aspersions on his precious little petal. Similarly, his frothing, autopilot snarlgasm is also natural – natural as breathing for Chumpy. No facts, no reasoning, no counterarguments – just a spurt of the usual barking ad himinem invective that is all you can ever really expect from him. What is interesting is that I got singled out and broadsided (along with John Greg), whilst others were ignored, and I hadn’t said a peep. This is where my telepathic projection comes into it.

I read the thread yesterday, and perhaps for a whole millisecond considered commenting, but declined. I am not an SGU subscriber and generally have little interest in the US-centric side of that scene. It really was none of my concern and I really had no place intruding into what is their squabble. I pretty much confine my opinions to my little patch of dirt here. Let the folks that are involved sort out their own on their own. But… evidently even thinking about it was sufficient to set Myers’ off on yet another one of his personally targeted assaults.

Now, this is not a one off event. It is reproducible telepathic projection – quite the same happened earlier on the Baboon Board. Despite never actively participating on it, or ever having the desire to do so, merely having fleeting thoughts of attempting to rebut the overwhelming torrents of idiocy there proved to be sufficient to earn a permanent ban and permanent pride of place in the Dungeon. Purely via my innate telepathic abilities.

So, Mr. Randi, I would like to know how I can collect my million dollars.


Seriously, who in the hell does Myers think he’s fooling anymore, other than his own baboons? “Obsessed lunatics like John Greg and Franc Hoggle… those kooks are freakin’ fringe nutcases“. This argument from personal authority not only has worn thin, it’s worn right through. And the hypocrisy is simply staggering – who exactly is it that’s obsessed here baboon boy? We’re not the second tier godless  celebrity wannabes with unhealthy chronophilia that go off like firecrackers at the merest hint of the half-our-age-skirt we’re fixated on getting criticised now are we? And if we did, we’d at least make some effort to do so with substance.

The sum of every argument from The Naked Emperor and his horde of baboons in defense of the Watsonistas and their wallowing slave mentality never varies. It consists entirely of highly personal insult, vile accusation (“they view rape as sport”), diminutive attacks on genital size and virility, heavy doses of sex-phobic neo-puritan guilt and accusations of psychological / neurological disorder. And that is it. There is zero substance of any kind. No dialogue. No reasoning. No effort to challenge facts that have been brought forward – most likely because there is no way to challenge the basic, provable realities. Nothing. Just verbal assault – one assumes in an effort to intimidate silence.

It all works perfectly well in the rigidly controlled confines of the Baboon Board – but it all looks rather embarrassing whenever it ventures out into the real world. Same goes for Myers’ baboons themselves – not one has ever expressed any rudimentary coherence, instead just recycling the much used trite insults of the master in what they think are new and original ways.

It can’t be said often enough Chumpy – you are a fucking disgrace. When the best response you can ever come up with in public is personal slander, you are an example to no one other than your fellow gutter dwellers. Not only are you a colossal embarrassment to godlessness and skepticism, that embarrassment has also spread to the greater science community too. You have brought yellow journalism to our world – and in the process have reduced yourself to a vulgar pseudo-liberal parody of Glenn Beck, with an audience that shares IQ distribution with that of Beck’s. And what really is beyond parody is this puffer-fish like threat –

The day Rebecca Watson is booted off the show at the request of obsessed lunatics like John Greg and Franc Hoggle would be the last day I’d listen.

Really? How mighty fucking presumptuous of you to assume anyone would even care. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out Chumpy…

But really, that is way too much to hope for.

Update September 17: Oh well. It is now evident that Steven Novella is also pwned and actively censors his blog for deviation from groupthink. I merely innocently pointed out the blackness of the pot after being spat upon from a safe distance for the umpteenth time by the Baboon King and his promises to boycott the show should poor little Becky get dumped –

On 16/09/11 02:58, Franc Hoggle wrote:
Wow. That really means a lot coming from a guy that maintains active blacklists of known dissidents and runs wikis for character assassination. How you can say “those kooks are freakin’ fringe nutcases” without your head exploding is beyond belief. But you’re an old hand at this yellow journalism shtick so it’s to be expected.

Innocent enough a reply from the defense. Never saw the light of day. But… this is how blacklisting works isn’t it?