1. the quality or state of being naive; natural or artless simplicity.

2. a naive action, remark, etc.

Darren points to a rather amusing Rationally Speaking blog entry from waaaaaay back in 2005 –

Skepchicks International

Monday, November 21, 2005

No, this isn’t a sexist post on my part. There really is a group of women who call themselves Skepchics, Intl., and they are really cool. The word “chick” is demeaning, of course, only if used by a man (and even then, it depends on the context), and these women are most certainly not into politically correct nonsense […]

Haw, haw. People once thought radium was pretty and harmless too. Massimo Pigliucci, who penned the above, can perhaps be forgiven considering how long ago it was1. Back then, Watson and her other she-spider sidekicks were only beginning to weave their webs, having not yet assembled and trained their coterie of toilet slaves. Perhaps Skepchick even appeared to be a journal devoted to skepticism and not the reincarnation of off our backs it is now with token skeptical filler.

Of course, Pigliucci is quick to note that from the point of its inception, Becky and co. were already busy sexualising themselves with shrewd marketing for the sake of targeted insinuation into the community (hello Gollum). Not exactly an easy fit with the affronted nun routine we get now is it?

1 – But not for the preemptive “I am not sexist” apology / disclaimer. Shows exactly how deeply the fear of pussy has been instilled into academia. Now the same terror is being used to intimidate female academics too. Thanks Becky. You make the world brighter every day. Cunt.