What can you say about Richard Dawkins’ response to Becky Watson’s violated nun routine in Elevatorgate other than it was genius? Pity he subsequently spoiled it by attempting to explain and mollify. Dawkins no doubt knew he was dealing with maniacs, but I suspect he grossly underestimated the extent of the derangement he was dealing with. There was no point Dick – we’re in Jyllands-Posten territory here. You cannot negotiate with terrorists.

Depressingly, the outrage at Dawkins Muslima riposte was not confined to the Watsonista hordes. A non-exhaustive list of non-fembots that lined up to take pot-shots at Dawkins for daring to show disrespect to the holy yoni included –

– and pretty much any other self-labeled “liberal” and “humanist” gang on the web. In fact, it seems the only people not offended were actual muslim women and their apostate sisters, and the larger bulk of the card carrying, rank and file membership of the atheist and skeptic communities – for whom this latest idiocy from Watson was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Funny that.

This all underscores my general thesis on how all encompassing the derailing and subversion of the greater humanist movement actually is. Animals recoiling from fire. Responding not with intellect and consideration, but with a dogmatic knee-jerk in the manner that they think is expected of them, all terrified that if they do not express their outrage promptly enough, they too may be branded as sympathetic to the enemy1. A perverse game of musical chairs.

But there has been some value to be found from Dawkins’ incisive wit in this all too rare public sighting, as it has brought to the surface some common as muck dumbness. The secondary observation first –

Consistent with new humanism’s self-loathing and flagellant mentality, it now appears that islamophobia is yet another exclusively white male disease. Using some convoluted cognitive gymnastics, despite the fact that it is apparent that the harshest and most unapologetic critics of islam are its own apostates and segments of its own non-insane moderate believer base, skin pigmentation prevents them from being classified as islamophobes – this is whites only, so you coloured folks just move along.

I’m not entirely sure of the “reasoning” here, but I think it’s something like this – those quaint brown folks that make kebabs and knit all those gorgeous rugs don’t really understand what they’re saying – it’s all just an unfortunate emotional response, in no way indicative of reality, whereas as folks like Pat Condell are just common, hateful, racist scum. This is the new humanist islamophobia double suplex – simultaneously being patronising and dismissive on the one hand whilst condemning with the other. By clear, racially delineated pigeon holes.

But the main observation is the hold-your-breath and stamp-your-feet faux outrage from feminists of the pudgy, pink and well fed variety (is there really any other kind?). In a reality disconnect on par with the islamophobia peddlers, evidently Dawkins somehow managed to offend and spit on all muslim women everywhere, faithful and apostate alike. Really, somebody should tell them… It really is a patronising attitude that could hardly get any more insulting. Just condescending lip service. To all of a sudden just wake up and pretend you actually give a fuck about muslimas because a white male dared to call a farce a farce…

Ayaan Hirsi Ali put this vapid tokenism into sharp perspective in her talk at the Univeristy of Wisconsin last year by pointing out the complete apathy and disinterest in the case of a Texas father Yaser Abdul Said2 who murdered his two daughters for having western boyfriends. Asking who in the audience was familiar with the case and receiving very little response made the point she wanted to make –

[that feminism had become] “a force that protects only white women.”

Yet Becky Watson is able to stop the earth spinning on its axis with an anecdote about an alleged pick up line in an elevator3. Shows precisely what kind of priorities western “feminists” have. So what was that about privilege again? The white male kind?

Out of the entire dung mountain of hypocrisy that constitutes the Watsonistas’ reality space, this relentless whining about privilege is the crowning example. It is narcissistic incoherence that borders on solipsism. The brand of “feminism” being promoted in this freakshow by Watson, Greta Christina and company is a nonsense – it is a tantrum being thrown by the pudgy, pink and entitled for the pudgy, pink and entitled. This is the real politics of privilege – they demand privileged consideration. They neither represent nor consider women from other minorities nor women that deal with genuine oppression and brutality as part of their daily existence – they only represent their own selfish interests and their own childish demands. If they consider non-white, non-privileged women at all, it’s in shallow displays such as this attack on Dawkins. But other than that, in the absence of any actual grief in their lives, they’d much rather concoct martyrs’ fairy stories, wring their hands and howl at the moon at the unfairness of it all than actually change anything in a meaningful way.

Herein lies the key difference between the gender feminists, who’d rather wallow like slaves and drag all around them down to their own level, and their sisters in the middle east who are standing on their own hind legs and fighting for their rightful place in the world on their own terms – usually in the face of horrific repression. It is the difference between nihilism and positive action. Resignation and self-belief and self-respect. I suspect even their sisters from the ’60s would be shaking their heads in despair were they to witness the Watsonista show today.

A very important point that underscores this difference is raised in a video posted here by Raimondo. It’s from a person that attended the same Elevatorgate conference as Watson and he relates the session conducted by Maryam Namazie, who works at the coal face fighting for Iranian women and resisting sharia law encroachment in Britain.

He makes the point that in her talk Namazie, who fights real fights for women, at no point mentions feminism and women’s rights – only humanism and human rights. This is in fact a commonality shared by most of the non-pudgy, pink and comfortable activist set. Knowing first hand real despotism and oppression, real criminality against humanity, they don’t see the bogus distinction that the Watsonista gender feminists insist on ramming down our throats. They understand that principled human rights encompass women’s rights and make the distinction redundant. As does applied humanism to feminism. Possibly, they may even see these distinctions are superfluous, a divisive artifact from the west that runs counter to the principles of actual equality and is of no use to them.

Conversely, the Watsonistas don’t appear to have any interest in human rights, other than in the most perfunctory manner; something to put on a t-shirt or into self-promotion brochures. No, Watsonista style “feminism” has a different agenda – it seeks to build a case for female exceptionalism, and entitlement to a special and priviliged status. Such as what they have managed to extort out of the Center for Inquiry, The Naked Emperor, Gollum and miscellaneous other credulous shmucks – and get them to provide funding, a stage, a microphone and a conveniently corralled and entrapped audience they can shriek their misandrist hatred to ad nauseam. I think it is this overall disconnect that Hirsi Ali was driving at in her U. Wisconsin talk – a shallow, self-obsessed, vapid, narcissistic and self-indulgent “feminism” from people who cannot elevate themselves from the gutters of professional victimhood.

This game they play is of course nothing new. These pudgy pink feminists have always propagandised the false assertion that they are egalitarians that embrace the plights of women regardless of race, creed or social stratum. What bollocks. Not only is it a big lie game pushing the meme that atheists are misogynists and that they really care about the plight of their technicolour sisters – they have also used these bogus concerns for selfish personal leg ups. For all of the affirmative action nonsense that was pushed so noisily by fem-bots over the last few decades, the only real demographic that benefited from it in the long run was that of white chicks – and they know it. What was that about white male privilege again? Hardly surprising that there are now splinters divorcing themselves from the pink pudgies, like the womanists. As one heterosexual, black, disabled mother calls it –

I am not a feminist. I can declare this boldly without fear and with a certainty of will.   I believe unequivocally in women’s rights and the equality of all beings but have found after various years of interaction, that feminism has no room for women that look like me or have similar experiences to me.   I cannot knowingly participate in a movement that claims to be open and yet daily either appropriates or minimizes my struggle for the gains of others. 

So what we end up with are some pretty solidly supported conclusions. That both atheist misogyny and white privilege are very real phenomena. However, not in the fashion that is drilled into us. Yes atheist misogyny exists – and virtually all of it is from females. Similarly, white privilege exists – except it is white female privilege. We are witnessing a whole rainbow of new lows in doublethink from a bunch of mindless, selfish spoiled children. And they expect us to take them seriously.


One surprising thing to some folks, but not really to me, is that for such an intolerant, misogynist, islamophobic pig such as myself, I have managed to accumulate such an enormous number of middle eastern apostate friends on a ‘tardbook account I use for multiple purposes, and that well over a third of them are women. There is one particular woman though that just blows me away –


Yes, these images are the same person. The lady in question is an apostate of Saudi origin, now living in Brazil. Left, as best as I can reconstruct from her very poor english, she is fighting islamists that have been slaughtering local christians in south Saudi / Yemen. On the right she is… doing what she pleases in her new home.

This lady really embodies the “fuck you. don’t tell me how to lead my life” ethos in quite an amazing way. In every respect, this woman can be considered to be the anti-Becky Watson. The absolute antithesis of the groveling victim maggots of gender feminists that have poisoned the godless and skeptical movements. This woman is in control of her life and she is nobodies victim. I also think it is a fairly safe bet that after 5 minutes in the same room with Watson she’d want to tear her eyes out for being so degrading to women like her and the rest of her middle eastern sisters who are fighting the real battles, and not concocting tawdry melodramas as a distraction to lives rendered meaningless by comfort and sloth.

W., I pixelated your face, but if you ever come downunder, I would be honoured if you deigned to keep your stilettos under my bed. You are evidence that hope still remains.

1 – This has been the pattern for a few years now, since CFI began skidding off the rails and the Watson / Greta Christina first started manufacturing the “atheist misogyny” crisis. Rigidly defined ideology has became the new “reason” – this is the awful truth you are forbidden from articulating, on pain of being branded a dick.

2 -It is a testament to how inconsequential pudgy pink feminists consider their muslima sisters to be that this atrocity merits only a minor footnote in the cesspit of lies.

3 – And “alleged” is precise – there has been nothing shown to date, after all of the noise that has been generated, that indicates the incident even occurred.