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Left: Ricky Gervais on the cover of the September / October 2011 United Kingdom Edition of the New Humanist. Will the US version have the same genital fortitude with their version?

Quite an appropriate image, cf. Atheist Flagellants And Puritans and subsequent babblings. I think Gervais has a pretty good handle on the idiocy that is overtaking the godless world.

The New, New Atheists are fetishising suffering for the sins of the world.

Trouble is, most all of them are pudgy and pink and well-fed and have no real problems, so they begin fabricating them. Case in point, atheist misogyny and the new cult of elevator worship.

Might I suggest, a la Lenny Bruce, instead of crucifixes (or electric chairs), these new, new atheists adopt the wearing of little Elevatorgate tokens around their necks –


Though something more austere and less threatening than that of course. And perhaps also organise annual pilgrimages to Ireland where they can solemnly intone Holy Mother Becky’s sacred ode A Woman at TAM, much like a rosary. Or something else appropriately ceremonial. Can’t let weeping scabs heal.



Update: You can actually buy those pendants here –

– and no doubt find bargain used ones on Ebay.