"I read Pharyngula. Be afraid. Be very afraid"

I admit it. I have pretty fucking low expectations of our species. It is rare I get surprised. But The Naked Emperor and his baboon posse just keep giving and giving.

It’s a new kind of awful when the best response to others that deviate from standard operating groupthink and criticise is to accuse me of sockpuppetry. Makes the lame-o-meter flip off the dial. Yes, I occassionally have played a sock, but never when leveling any genuine response, and believe it or not, I have never socked the baboon board.

What started off as legitimate criticism of some very uncritical unfreethinking has now devolved to a mere whack-a-mole game. This is the Eternal September. I am just astounded at how easy it is to jerk these knuckleheads around on a string.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t “trolling” as trolls never believe their own crap. I have not written anything deliberately false. I think what terrifies the baboons and the Emperor the most here is having to deal with a mind that is actually “free” – no pride, no shame, no problem. There are no patterns or pigeon holes to rely on. The paint-by-numbers intellectual poseur routine just becomes a train wreck. It would be funny – were you not to realise that this is the public face of the godless.

And yes, I actually do find Moser to be a fascinating individual. But I don’t expect the baboons to understand that. Genuine transgressives are beyond their comprehension in monkey-see-monkey-do land. For all the squeals of liberalism, it is quite the hotbed of conservatives. Like Boyd McDonald1, Bodil and Sailor Sid (go on, have a google party chumpy), Moser is as real as it gets. Terrifying.

But it’s fucking disgraceful that these imbeciles claim to represent godlessness and skepticism. It is the best present the theistic right could ever hope for. The same kind of gift that Michael Moore is to Republicans and Teabaggers. The damage to our movement is incalculable. It is however reassuring to see the audience vapourising.

Maybe there is hope.

1 – “I am not a man, I am a piece of meat”. Disappeared off the web. Shame. Gutter faggery as high art.