"I'm holding my penis. It's very big and non-threatening" -- Paul Myers

You’re a fraud Paul. Stand up like a man for the first time in your worthless life and admit it. You are a disgusting, whore-for-rent, venomous toad. That’s why Becky loves you. She owns you. Chickenshit.

You sent your venom my way a few weeks ago. It hasn’t worked. You are sending it again. At my guess, there is a 90% drop in approved disapproval. You’re word as god is vapourising. Wanker. You can’t even destroy a loser like me you loser. Oh Skepchick save me!!!

Betting on the wrong gang of fascists to boost your own worthless empire. Slut, whore, loser. I’d never use these words on a female. You are special Paul.

Repugnant aging loser, second tier atheist celebrity wannabe, watching his star fading.

Glad I’m not you.