Time to bring this to close. There is a point where mindless repetition loses its amusement value.

Thank you to the rational folks that responded here. And thank you to The Naked Emperor and his baboon army for confirming all my observations to date – thanks for playing. Game over. Find something else to huff and puff about. “Freethoughtblogs“. Indeed.

The discussion on new, new atheism as neo-puritanism is continued here.

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No graphic, no bullshit.

Just for the sake of full disclosure: I have just jerked off with an eastern european lady with a real body, cellulite and all. She has a couple of kids and a real life she keeps separate from the ‘net. We had an adult transaction. There was no shame or guilt involved. She agrees I was probably the one exploited. We laugh about that. I tell her thank you. You made my night honey. She tells me thank you for not being an asshole. I say hey… I know its a free world. We exchange token kisseys.

Apparently, a crime has occurred… If you believe… hard enough…

Fuck you PZ. Fuck you Becky. Neo-puritans. Neo-Nazis.