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“They? Who in the hell is they?”

– Sykes in the Wild Bunch.

They have moved beyond parody

August 17, 2011 at 11:39 pm PZ Myers

This apparently has something to do with Elevatorgate. Somehow. In some strange, distorted, funhouse mirror world.

There have been some peculiarly crazy people obsessing over me and Rebecca Watson, and how we’re evil tyrants out to destroy the life of good manly men. One of the craziest is Franc Hoggle, who early on staked out a position somewhere in the stratosphere above delusional Disneyland, with rants about how Watson had been preaching some New Age weirdness about “the divine yoni” and other such excretions from his imagination. Now though, he has gotten even with us all. He has taught us a lesson.

Just for the sake of full disclosure: I have just jerked off with an eastern european lady with a real body, cellulite and all. She has a couple of kids and a real life she keeps separate from the ‘net. We had an adult transaction. There was no shame or guilt involved. She agrees I was probably the one exploited. We laugh about that. I tell her thank you. You made my night honey. She tells me thank you for not being an asshole. I say hey… I know its a free world. We exchange token kisseys.

Apparently, a crime has occurred… If you believe… hard enough…

Fuck you PZ. Fuck you Becky. Neo-puritans. Neo-Nazis.

Yes. A lunatic MRA has paid for a session with a woman in which he masturbated angrily while thinking rude thoughts about me and Rebecca Watson, and he’s now bragging proudly about it on the internet. We have so oppressed him that he needed sexual release in order to properly express his outrage. Somehow, he finds satisfaction in spiting my puritanical Nazi desires to destroy his proud tumescence by ejaculating before a sex worker.

I’m going to have to deflate him a bit. I have no problem with his activities, and am not going to suggest that he’s a bad person at all. Quite the contrary, I think it was good use of his time, and I urge all of his fellow gentlemen who have been busily concocting angry fantasies about women to embrace their frustrations and whip their penises out, grasp them tightly in their hands, and wank. Wank furiously. Wank angrily. Wank with passion. Wank gloriously. Wank with sublime satisfaction that at last you have discovered the wellspring of your desire, and you have found a way to express it that makes us all happy…you, me, the women who don’t have to deal with your advances, the women you pay to receive them. I’m not even bothered by the fact that I’m a figure in your kink, Mr Hoggle, as long as you keep it in your imagination and don’t expect gratification from me in real life.

But you are one weird little wanker, you know.