Pharyngula fight!

There’s something so ickily pathetic about a middle aged guy that has to remind you at every turn about his own awesomeness, influence, how big his gang is and how much more important he is than an insignificant piece of shit like you. That pathetic-ness goes into hyperdrive when you watch it roll over on its back and piss its belly like a frightened dog when there is even the slightest whiff of his own gang turning on him.

Such a man’s man is The Naked Emperor.

When Myers is barricaded inside fortress Pharyngula, and has his army of trained baboons lined up behind him in “independently minded” unison, the man is an indestructible, nuclear warhead-proof mecha-Godzilla of righteous rage – like when he slanders the bulk of the godless community as being rape apologists with inadequate genitalia. But when he attempts to poke something with a pussy on the other hand, it’s quite a different story and he folds like a jizzy tissue at the merest hint of criticism… What a guy to look up to.

Such was the case just a day ago when he chose to laugh it up at the expense of Michele Bachmann. I won’t reproduce the whole item here, but it revolved around a rather unflattering photo of Bachmann that looked as though she was just about to deep throat a frankfurter and speculation about the reptilian properties of her jaws. It has been written about here and here and plenty of other places, and as far as Myers idiocy goes, it is nothing out of the ordinary.

If there were crimes committed by that post, they were the unpardonable ones of witlessness and mindlessness. There are two golden rules for humour –

  1. It should be funny, and
  2. It should, behind the humour, have a touch of pertinence to something.

What we have instead is “haw, haw, look, a stoopid Republican doing something stoopid haw, haw”, which is pretty much what we expect from the no-brain brand of liberalism that Myers and his ilk represents. It doesn’t even really qualify as tasteless humour either, unless you’re a 14 year old jock in a football locker room. Tastelessness is an artform in itself – and if indulged in, has to be indulged in to gratuitous, unashamed excess. And if you can’t, or won’t, do that, then just don’t bother.

No, the problem here isn’t the dumbness – this was not the crime involved in the post’s removal. The crime, as per usual, was against the holy yoni. You can’t laugh at women – even if it is Michele Bachmann. It did take a while for the slave resentment to wake up though. First 90 or so comments are the usual butt-licking “haha, yes I’m smart too, I get PZ’s joke haha” parrot squawks. Even a few fem-bots partook –

magistramarla says:

Hey guys,
I’m a woman and I’ve always considered myself a feminist.
I have absolutely no problem with you making fun of Bachmann with this picture. She is so disgusting and her candidacy is so dangerous for this country, I believe that we need to keep showing her in all of her stupidity and hypocrisy for all to see.
Don’t be gentlemen – let her have it, guys! I’ll join you.

But by comment 91, the reprimands for deviating from standard operating groupthink kick in and it’s back to business-as-usual

RahXephon, un féminist nucléaire says:

Atheist men are always loudly complaining that women never want to participate, and we just had a weeks-long battle over this Elevatorgate shit, and I thought maybe at least PZ got it. Then you post something like this so you can go “HA HA MICHELLE BACHMANN’S UGLY AND OLD AND SHE’S STICKING SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE A DICK IN HER MOUTH HA HA IT IS TO LAUGH!”


From there it’s a gibberish downhill race, followed by the inevitable PZ kowtowing submission, and the post was removed and replaced with a standard non-apology cop out statement instead –

After reading the responses to this article, I’ve reconsidered and decided it was too easily misconstrued, so it’s gone.

Crippled dog rolling on its back and pissing its belly in fear. The PZ we all know and love.

There are, of course, plenty of opportunities for Myers to redeem himself out there. To show to us he is not just a mere opportunist, populist, whore-4-sale suck-hole exploiting the idiocy of his audience for personal gain. All it takes is a will. Take this photo for instance, one at least as worthy of derision as Bachmann’s –

"a woman’s reasonable expectation to feel safe from sexual objectification and assault at skeptic and atheist events is outweighed by a man’s right to sexually objectify her." -- Rebecca Watson (image via

Myers wouldn’t need to sprain his brain. I’d even help, something witty like – “Haw, haw, look at the momma arachnid. Probably has a cunt full of baby spiders…”

Not a lot to it. It just requires balls, a spine and the integrity to share contempt around equally without fear or favour. Of course, with Myers this is a triple fail, so we’ll never see it. – indeed. Free from thought that is. Awful. Simply awful. And this shmuck claims to represent you.

New, new atheism. Abandon ship.