It is nice that when you are on the verge of abandoning all hope in what now passes for the “rationalist” internet, something new pops up out of the blue to restore it.

That’s the kind of feeling I got when I stumbled into Science 2.0 recently – yes there are kindred spirits still out there that still do place value on reality, have a healthy, unashamed contempt for typhos, and don’t allow themselves to be held hostage by ideological maniacs. Just as a quick thumbnail example of civilisation, compare Pharyngula’s self-proclaimed style of notoriously ruthless commentariat to what is fairly typical at Science 2.0. It’s really the difference between cannibal tribesmen that throw virgins into volcanoes and the modern cosmopolite in his or her library with a snifter of cognac.

I stumbled onto this site whilst researching the relocation of Pharyngula and his Lordship. Science 2.0’s assessment does make for delicious reading –

Freethoughtblogs – PZ Myers And Ed Brayton Finally Leaving has now been announced. PZ Myers’ “Pharyngula” and Ed Brayton’s “Dispatches from the Culture Wars” together with three other blogs start a new network.

The scienceblogs “science blogs” gotten somewhat better over the years with some silly blockheads leaving, but one of the worst, PZ Meyers, known for tiny little snippets of vitriol of pseudo-progressive populism that panders to the stupid “skeptics” crowd (the self-righteous feel superior about bashing morons with silly non-arguments type), seemed to never want to go away, giving science blogging a very bad reputation. […]

So, they will put the ridiculous twitter like hater posts under the “freethought” label instead. This preemptive surrender is quite the behavior one expects from establishment douche bags that exploit the pseudo-progressive niche.

I suppose it’s fairly easy for the faithful to mistake honesty for rudeness when it’s not directed at the correct, PZ approved hate target. The responses to token Pharyngulites with hurt feelings are just as priceless.

Is it still confirmation bias if you find stuff like this once you are past the point of having drawn your own conclusions and rested your case? Not really, but there is still comfort in the fact that others can see nonsense for what it is, especially when they approach it from a totally different direction and perspective.

These folks make a point of stressing they are not necessarily atheists, or skeptics, or Freethinkers or even Republican hating Liberals – they are just scientists and have no interest in demographic beyond that. And of course there is far more to them than this momentary distraction by Myers.

And it is a nice way to brush off all the nonsense and insult the Naked One hurls at you when you question his infallibility. You get the feeling that anyone that is still in possession of their critical faculties would arrive at the same conclusion.

Highly recommended site to add to your regular bookmarks –