The Skepchick Posse

The dust may be settling, opinion may be indicating less than overwhelming support (especially from women, ouch!), Watson may be in her new cave, with her new hairdo1, licking her wounds – if the new heights (or lows) of derisive, malicious sourness in her new “dating advice” video are any indicator – and at this point, I think there is only one unanswered question yet to be settled –

Was PZ Myers the elevator guy?

It was a question posed in jest in several places, even here, and it is one of those rare, ridiculous ideas that stops seeming so outrageous the more you think about it. It would certainly not even come close to being weirdest thing that reality has ever thrown at us, and there has to be some other kind motivator for The Naked Emperor’s kowtowing other than just raw stupidity. Because, even at this point, most of us still don’t want to believe he is a stupid guy. Amusing distraction no2?

But back to the matter at hand – the sheer pants shitting terror that the Skepchick posse appear to be able to evoke at will in those that they deign to frown upon. Is it at all in proportion to reality? It’s high time we had a look.

Let’s start with a few of the more common web metrics public access tools’ results for

Metrics Unique visitors per day (avg. est.)

Google Ad Planner 900
Quantcast* 420 (310)
Compete* 770 (570)
VisualiseTraffic** 2190

Average 1070


* – Give results only for US visitors. Factored up by Visualise’s estimate that 74% of visits are from US.

** – Does not specify unique visitors.

Not exactly breathtaking is it? It is even more amusing that once the Watson camp is done laughing at my tiny penis, questioning my virility and poking my insecure and threatened masculinity3, the next jibe is invariably “who cares about your shitty little blog anyway?” Which is great, because I no longer crack champagne corks when my readership breaks these stratospheric Skepchick heights. Doesn’t happen every day, but it’s kind of ho-hum when it does. And if a worthless asshole like me can have this happen, then it says an awful lot more about Skepchick than it does about my shitty little blog. You have to remember my readership is not a result of blog and forum spamming, TrueBelievers, conscious men or my making a regular high profile nuisance of myself in the atheist / skeptic public space4.

Even more fascinating insights can be found at Alexa. Whilst they don’t provide actual headcounts, they do do extensive and highly detailed other monitoring. Here’s a nice history comparing Skepchick against some other common community sites –

You have to wonder about the spike in July – some kind of shrewd new marketing move no doubt. But again, overall, it’s nowhere near the same ballpark as Randi or Dawkins, and it struggles to even outdo SensitiveLand. Where it gets more interesting is when you throw ScienceBlogs into the picture –

Now this really does highlight the utility of keeping chumps like PZ in a state of perpetual semi-arousal and leading them around by the balls. You have to remember, stupidity and cunning are not mutually exclusive. And when those that you feed off are too dull-witted to understand that were it not for the community positions they hold, they would be dropped like a steaming turd, all the better. This is why Dawkins is such a very, very naughty boy – he figured all this out by himself.

So all of this really does support the fact that Watson lives in a house of cards. She is utilising that very same tactic favoured by various fundies and other ideological maniacs the world over, such as those currently attempting a coup d’état of the Australian education system. I call it the frill-necked lizard strategy – the ruse of inflating your threat by the trickery of presenting yourself many times larger and more menacing than you really are. This deception is what makes their efforts to poison both Google and the web with such fraudulent exaggeration on such a massive scale look all the more staggering. This tiny minority of batshit insane psychopaths5 is actually managing to subvert our entire reality space. Unreal.

In this regard they have more in common with fundies and Obama birthers than the atheists who they are doing this hatchet job on. This forced air of reasonableness in the face of our brutish, neanderthal and rape loving opposition. Sweetness versus monstrosity. TRUTH versus EVIL. It’s just so churchy. Barf.

And PZ, you’re still a fucking disgrace.

1 – At least she hasn’t hacked it all off like teevee rape victims do.

2 – Allow me my flights of fancy. There is no way possible that I could ever say or do anything to rival the nonsense, derangement, offensiveness and slander hurled our way by the Watson / Skepchick apologists anyway.

3 – Aka “The Naked Emperor Special” –

4 – BTW ladies, you did remember to pay all your bills at a recent conference around north California? Horrible rumours going around about that. Oh no – anecdote. Have to remember the mantra, “anecdotes are not evidence”. Nevermind.

5 – Nice language because I’m wearing my politeness pants.