[Yes there was poll bombing spam captured – link]

If you can’t win, cheat. Another example of Access Ministries impeccable honesty and ethical integrity for the world to see. When reality does not conform to delusion, the only possible, rational course of action is to undermine and corrupt it. It is the modus operandi for all of Access’ interactions with our detestable society – we are such low life, godless scum that it’s the least that we deserve anyway.

A story ran today on Yahoo! news on the somewhat less than favourable item from the ABC 7:30 Report on the Access chaplaincy and SRI programs that have been forced into the public education system thanks to a lot of underhanded politicking and lobbying, and a core of spineless politicians behaving like common harlots that are concerned only for the delusion that pandering to Access and the Australian Christian Lobby will somehow translate into future votes (they are in for a rude shock sooner or later). It gave yet another opportunity for Peter Garrett to disgrace himself as the expedient buffoon he is (not like he needs any more). The story can be viewed here –

ABC Greens question school chaplain program

The Greens have again questioned the premise of the Federal Government’s school chaplains program, after allegations of chaplains acting inappropriately.

Last night the ABC’s 7.30 program examined cases of chaplains offering formal counselling to students without being qualified, distributing homophobic material, and inappropriately conversing with students online.

School Education Minister Peter Garrett believes the cases should be investigated but says overall the Government is happy with the program and plans to expand it.

Neither the Yahoo! item nor the pieces in the 7:30 Report are the subject of this post, though both deserve thorough dissection. What is of immediate interest to me is the poll (yet another one) that was attached to the Yahoo! piece –

Pretty rudimentary question that got a fairly unsurprising negative response – though it was far lower than the negative results typical for all the other SRI / chaplaincy polls held to date. It hovered at at just over 60% against all day, until mid afternoon, and then started to take a turn in the same predictable manner as a similar Age poll did just recently. This time I was somewhat more vigilent, knowing what to expect with the benefit of hindsight. Here is a basic graphical summary of the poll as it proceeded today –

Left axis, total votes; right axis % for/against

I suspect it will be a long night for the Access Ministry of Propaganda, but I fully expect their silent toiling to further degrade and reverse the result come tomorrow afternoon. The first instance of this manipulation was greeted with utter disbelief by statisticians that it could be anything other than deliberate poll stacking by Access, and was indeed confirmed by spam begging for poll bombers being uncovered. The chances of such a statistical anomaly happening two polls in a row… Well, you can think what you like. But I would dearly like to see any of the new spam that inevitably got blasted around the place – I think this time they took care to ask people not to forward it to Google groups.

What can you say about Access Ministries that has not already been said? They really are the crud that you find when you have finished scraping the slime from the bottom of the barrel. Nothing is to low, no trick to cheap, no lie too outrageous. The fabricated reality is the only reality. But this is how crypto-fascist ideologues operate – you will get force fed the “truth” whether you want it or not, and you will like it. Dissent is prohibited.

Update – 29 June, 11:29 am

Pretty much as predicted, those busy little trolls at the Access Ministries Department of Reality Modification have been slapping away at the poll overnight and all morning. Phase 1 is complete, they have hit parity –


Quite an effort – last time it took them over a week to get this far, but then last time there was a much larger number of votes to subvert. It won’t stop here – the poll has long slipped off the front page where any actual representative readers will see it, but they will keep slapping away at it relentlessly until hell freezes or Yahoo! closes it, at which point they will turn around and proclaim a massive victory and irrefutable evidence of the massive public support that Access Ministries have. To use a Chomskyism – this is called manufacturing consent. Nauseating isn’t it? It is one thing to simply tell black lies. It is quite another to tell black lies, convince yourself that they are in fact truths and then preach them as truths to the world. It’s all very like what the great lunatic dictators of the world used to do, folks like Caligula and Bokassa.

Footnotes: Here are the raw screencaps for the graph data –

Wednesday 11:04 am

Wednesday 11:51 am

Wednesday 1:41 pm

Wednesday 3:02 pm

Wednesday 4:22 pm

Wednesday 7:15 pm

Wednesday 10:09 pm