– The submissive male agrees he does not have any rights, is always wrong and may be punished at any time by his Mistress for no other reason than the pleasure she receives in his suffering.
– The male slave does not speak unless ordered to do so by his Mistress.
– With each question asked by the male slave, the Mistress administers punishment. Male slaves are inferior and always wrong. Males do not have the right to question their Mistress.
– The male slave functions at the whim of his Mistress as a piece of furniture, an ashtray, a stool, human toilet, or just a whipping boy for the Superior Females pleasure.
– The slave treats all Females, regardless of age, with comparable respect or punishment will follow.
– The slave is to be efficient in his service to the Mistress and must kneel and thank her for the privilege of serving Her.
– The male slave further understands and agrees that he is nothing more than chattel.  A piece of property owned by his Mistress and may be loaned, rented, or sold to any other Females at any time, or disposed of as his Mistress deems necessary.

Extracts from a typical Slave Contract


Possibly the most deranged slave foreplay you’ll ever see –


Seriously? There is a voice inside me that desperately wants to write this off as a well constructed secular Poe, but reality dissents. These gentlemen are all quite sincere. The title of this screed is A Manifesto For Conscious Men. They have a ‘tardbook community where the full thing is transcripted, as well as their own token site with nil content, let alone a feedback page. I dare you to read it without flinching or squirming. I can’t. And this is the blog I originally stumbled this poisonous nonsense on (read the rest of that at your own peril).

The only positive aspect, and only consolation, from this gibberish has been that while my personal reaction is one of cringing embarrassment (I could only watch the video a few seconds at a time before being overwhelmed), the women1 I have shown this to are palpably disgusted to the point of being enraged.

One called me an asshole for ruining her day. Another ever present fly on the wall was even more succinct – “this is one of the most disheartening items you have ever shared”. Both the understatement and the track record of the other material she was comparing to underscore precisely how deeply repugnant she found this.

The two clowns at the centre of this feel-good treacle that claim to speak “on behalf of all men”, which is the most offensive aspect of all, are –

  • Gay Hendricks, Oprah Winfrey regular and founder of the Hendricks Institute, who abandoned academic life for the goldmine of the self-help industry for the feeble minded. Also a pioneer in Radiance Breathing Meditation, which has earned him a series of honourable mentions at Quackwatch.

At first pass I was fully expecting the queen of man haters, John Stoltenberg2, to have been the captain of this ship, but he is not credited. He may well be involved, but being secretive to the point of paranoid, no one seems to even know if he’s still alive.

It is hard to conceive what kind of morass of self-loathing could birth this type of gibberish. It is harder still to conceive what kind of malignant narcissism must exist in a woman’s mind to find satisfaction in such subordinate groveling. I feel like I am looking at an alien species.

Conceptually, what we seem to be looking at here is the absolute antithetical extreme to the Taliban, a matter and anti-matter duality. Though they are at extreme opposites of the spectrum, the psychological nihilism of their respective ideologies makes them peas in a pod – a perverse reflection of each other. Both are ultimately self-loathing and life negating black holes. There is nothing positive or life-affirming about either. This psychic nihilism is captured quite perfectly in this quote from the cesspit of lies

Karen Carr describes Nietzsche’s characterization of nihilism “as a condition of tension, as a disproportion between what we want to value (or need) and how the world appears to operate.”3

Reality will not conform to desired delusion. Implosion will occur. With the Taliban it manifests is robotic, mindless religiosity, anti-intellectualism and violence as a solution to all problems. With these “Conscious Men” it is hyperbolised guilt for all the sins of the world and relentless psychological self-flagellation, mortification and submission to a perverted, idealised concept of superlative “goddess” (or simply, that which is not male, and therefore an abomination). Both are bugs trapped in amber, neither willing nor able to come to terms with a world to which they are irrelevant, and they squirm in a perpetual state of existential crisis. Their entire reality is a hair-shirt.

It’s actually a good thing Nietzsche is dead, because witnessing this would have killed him. His other musings that thoroughly encapsulate these “Conscious Men” are on the idea of slave morality. That which is not capable of rising above instead seeks to drag everything else down –

As master morality originates in the strong, slave morality originates in the weak. Because slave morality is a reaction to oppression, it villainizes its oppressors. Slave morality is the inverse of master morality. As such, it is characterized by pessimism and skepticism. Slave morality is created in opposition to what master morality values as ‘good’. Slave morality does not aim at exerting one’s will by strength but by careful subversion.

A good summary of the main points is given in these philosophy course notes from Lander University

5.  Explain Nietzsche’s insight into the psychology of vanity. Why is vanity essential to the slave-morality? How does it relate to the individual’s need for approval? Is Nietzsche asserting that the vanity of an individual is a direct consequence of the individual’s own sense of inferiority?

For Nietzsche, vanity is the hallmark of the meek and powerless.  They cry for a good opinion of themselves–not being able to set their own value. The slave morality is subject to flattery–such persons know they do not deserve praise yet they believe it when they are praised by the master since they have not the abilities to create value. Vanity is a consequence of inferiority.

And that is a nutshell synopsis of this entire “manifesto” – it is a callow pleading to female vanity from groveling male slaves about a perceived inferiority they themselves create and promote.

As always, when you blunder into such lunacies online, quantum sardonicism always has to interfere. The very same day, in fact, in the very same hour, this item also managed to inject itself into my newsfeed –

Rwandan woman jailed for genocide

Judges at the UN court for Rwanda have sentenced a former Rwandan minister for women’s affair, to life in prison for genocide and incitement to rape.

The ruling by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) means that Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, 65, is the first women to be ever convicted of genocide.

She was found guilty on seven of the 11 genocide charges she faced for atrocities committed in Rwanda’s southern Butare region in 1994.

The woman in question is profiled by the BBC here. This item was also within days of the latest microwave chef, the second in as many months.

This mythology of the infallible perfection of the feminine ideal with lily-of-the-valley scented poop has all the hallmarks of a deluded, Mansonesque cult. If you think that’s an exaggeration, conduct a thought experiment and consider, were they to have absolute power, what kind of re-education gulags they would have for society’s misfits that were insufficiently sensitive and aware? It’s pretty nightmarish.

Not Ilse Koch

And this “sacred feminine” also has complete disregard for history. There are many prominent examples of the ladies more than holding their own with the boys. Indira Ghandi, Maggie Thatcher, Ilse Koch and Irma GreseLivia Drusilla, Mary I, Elizabeth Báthory – names just off the top of my head – warmongers, sadists, perverts, despots, poisoners and schemers, and hardy lightweights.

What is evident is that this feminine ideal lacks neither malice nor intent, only opportunity. In that regard, history does have a sexist pall. Though given free reign, the opportunities are endless and I have no doubt that women could equal and even exceed males as far as atrocity goes. And there is also the current batch of alpha females wreaking their own special brand of derangement on the world – Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Ann Coulter, Helen Ukpabio… How much more ludicrous can the claims in this exercise in self-hatred get? Reality is never a strong point when you choose to drown yourself in any idiot ideology.

The question still begs – why? Why are these clowns pissing all over the rest of the enlightened planet with this derangement? The financial benefits are obvious – there is a massive choir base desperate for confirmation bias to preach to. But I still have difficulty with the intellectual and moral destitution required to intentionally sermonise in such a manner – I desperately want to believe that no one is that abject and devoid of self-respect and integrity (yes I know, call me Pollyanna). But there has to be some kind of other driver to cause such myopia. Stockholm Syndrome? Have these “men” been so pussy-whipped into submission that they have no “self” left? If this is indeed the case, then they defeat their own arguments. It is an admission that the female of the species really is deadlier.

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. They no more speak on behalf of “all men” than they address “all women”. I have enough respect for women to know that most will reject this for the toxic, divisive garbage it is as well. This is just another mindless cult of nihilism like the thousands before it – strangling itself with its own morbid puritanism, terrified of sex, individuality and autonomy. It’s less Orwell and more Huxley’s Brave New World (just minus the sex, because that’s too violent) – though every bit as malignant.

I pity the children of anyone even remotely involved.

Addendum: But wait! There’s more! There will always be more… until hell freezes and the sun burns out there will be more… Endlessly relentlessly, more and more and more…

Of course, someone has to follow this up with a counter-grovel. Here it is, from LifeCoachMary. I can only skim it. I really can’t take any more –

Honoring Men: A Manifesto for Conscious Women by Mary Allen & John Cole

 1 – Granted, these are women that stand on their own hind legs and without crutches and were you to even suggest they are lesser beings and can’t stand up for themselves in their own right they’d probably scratch your eyes out.

2 – Queer, but more likely simply asexual. You would be too if you were married to Andrea Dworkin. Author of Refusing to Be a Man: Essays on Sex and Justice, Why I Stopped Trying to be a Real Man [introductory essay], and The End of Manhood: A Book for Men of Conscience. Review quote for last title sums it up – “A harsh critique of masculinity ostensibly written for men but likely to find its warmest reception among women”.

3 – The actual Nietzsche quote being referred to is from _The Will to Power_:

A nihilist is a man who judges of the world as it is that it ought not to be, and of the world as it ought to be that it does not exist. According to this view, our existence (action, suffering, willing, feeling) has no meaning: the pathos of ‘in vain’ is the nihilists’ pathos — at the same time, as pathos, an inconsistency on the part of the nihilists.