I could be accused of monomania given the pit-bull and rabbit focus on Access Ministries. But in my defense, I have no recent memory of such a corrosive and noxious issue apart from Conroy and his censorship scheme – and it’s an issue for Christian and non-Christian alike.

The efforts by Access Ministries to hijack the education system and turn it into a baby Christian Taliban factory, all paid for by you, is not something that can be under-exaggerated. All religions1, especially the dust religions, are fascist by nature and any drive towards theocracy, no matter how subtle, has to be resisted by any means available. There is no precedent anywhere, any time, of a theocratic state being of any benefit to anyone other than the priest classes – who are essentially Mafioso running a “spiritual protection” racket. Access Ministries, in the face of all their denials and deceptions, are very much in the theocracy business and this attempted coup d’état in our schools is designed to build a vanguard for their Dominionist / Reconstructionist fantasies.

Access Ministries, despite the charades, do not even represent mainstream christianity. Not by a longshot. A quick perusal of the churches that support them, which has been sanitised, nevertheless shows exactly the kind of creature we’re looking at –

  • Christian Reformed Churches of Australia / CRC Churches International. Of course there have to be Calvinists in the mix. Their great gift to the world is the Five Points of Calvinism, or the doctrine of TULIP – the drilling of the mantra that all humanity is cursed, depraved and absolutely corrupt and the only path to redemption is to live as miserably as possible. As far as life hating, self-annihilating, afterlife fetishism goes, Calvinists can give even Wahhabists a run for their money. Of all of the religiously crushed, utterly destroyed, shells of human beings I have ever met, those that have been damaged the worst were those poor children raised in Calvinist households – many irreparably so. “Total Depravity” is about right. This is the nihilism of which Nietzsche ranted in regards to christianity – this is a black pit of despair, its mission is to crush hope and spirit, its carrot-on-a-stick is some afterlife that supposedly justifies it. This is raw horror – and they support Access.

And these are just the folks Access Ministries haven’t distanced themselves from. Other enthusiastic supporters Access don’t particularly want to publicise their association with include –

And so it goes. It’s hardly a comprehensive list, but it is an enlightening one.

If this is all news to you and you’re sitting and saying “wtf?”, then good. Because this is what ordinary parents need to realise – the flavour of Access Ministries Christianity that is being force fed to our children has no relation to the quiet suburban churches most of us grew up with. These are not representative of the 60% of the folks that checked their census forms. It’s hard to believe they even belong to the same faith.

This is not a humble, meek and loving Christianity. This is a crusading, proselytising and conquering christianity that is rigid and exclusive and has no tolerance for the beliefs of others. They are not educators, they are soldiers, and lack of numbers and resources leads them to fight a dirty guerrilla war – a war that starts with the minds of your children – and as has consistently been displayed, it is a war that has absolute contempt for law, social convention and, most important of all, contempt for the parents of the children entrapped by the current system into Access CRE and chaplaincy.

As I have repeated in previous posts, the complaints of the secularists here are far outweighed by the concerns that Australia’s majority Christians should be feeling. For secularists, this is a mere issue of social liberties and rights. For Australian Christians, the issue is their faith itself – being hijacked by an unrepresentative and corrupted perversion that has designs far grander than just the minds of the children. They want to subvert the entire of the faith and the whole of society with it.

This is what should really concern all of you.

1That includes you buddhists. Don’t forget Kamikaze pilots either. And my favourite, Aum Shinrikyo who were Dalai Lama devotees.