Not that any evidence is really needed that Access apologists orchestrated a poll bombing to skew results for their own vulgar propaganda purposes, but here’s some anyway. This is a spam of the “Urgent!!! Forward to everybody you know!!!!” variety that was sent when a poll on religious education was posted by The Age and gave results Access Ministries seriously did not want to see.

The mass mailing was initiated by Alyson Prescott, Access CRE Support Officer, around May 15 and drips with the usual persecution paranoia. It’s also unlikely to be the only piece –

    Dear Friends

    You may well be aware of the orchestrated attack through the media
    on the work of Christian Religious Education in Schools.

    Your voice is needed even in this most simple of ways.  There is a
    poll currently running on the Age web page about CRE.

    I’m sure many more than 24% are in favour of CRE (compared with 76% against)!  But we need to be heard.

    Please click on this link, and vote today!    Then encourage your
    friends who value CRE to do the same…

    Pray diligently and daily that God will protect his work, and help
    all CRE teachers to continue to teach wisely, prayerfully and

    You may also like to write to your members of Parliament to express
    your opinion regarding the value of CRE to the students of Victoria.

    Thank you so much for your support


    /Alyson Prescott/

    /CRE Support Officer, Manningham/

    /Ph 9898 4922  Mob 0407328100/


Note the admission that actual public opinion did not match the desired delusion and that, therefore, cheating is justified to redress the balance to conform with what is obviously god’s will.

Lies, deception and fraud no matter what angle you look at Access Ministries from. Various copies of the spam through google groups can be found here – but that would only be a drop in the bucket compared to what was simply email chain forwarded.

Those busy little beavers from Access Apologetics are still slapping away at that same poll, and they will ’till they get Raptured or The Age wakes up and closes it (whichever comes first), and the dumber amongst their numbers are starting to brag about it (also see update below).

It is curious to note in the above thread that the poll is actually very, very hard to find if you don’t know its there. Another commenter there did find a poll by searching, but it was a different poll posted by The Age a month earlier, well before the current fiasco blew up (and this time closed after the usual expiry time). And the result? Surprise! The same as the later poll before it got seriously corrupted –

Poll held a month prior to the current Access fiasco - closed and could not be corrupted in time.

So this current poll, that is still relentlessly being bombed, can’t even be found by an ordinary person that, sensibly, wants to double check an outrageous statement from a typical Access drone having a confirmation bias orgasm – and they can only find the older version. So tell me again – how is it that this newer poll which can no longer even be found is, still, some 3 weeks later, being overrun by votes exclusively in favour of Access CRE? Perhaps Bishop Hale would like to field this question?

You just run out of words at the dumbness. This unremitting black lying that no one other than Access Ministries and its tiny, but loud, minority of shameless losers believes. It just churns away like a perpetual motion machine, unflinching and unblinking at the reality that just no longer wants to cooperate with them.

Disgusting. Keep them away from all children in perpetuity.

And I think Evonne Paddison should consider doing a talk on Dante’s 8th Circle of Hell for her next Access Ministries fund-raising dinner. It would be most apropos. But, given the moral cowardice, not very likely.


Update: A reader has pointed out another instance of an Access shill publicly crowing about the massive “endorsement” in The Age’s May 13 poll (which has still not been closed) –

@Riddley – we’ve heard lots from Dr Paddison since making those comments publicly in another context in 2008. Where have you been?

It’s “The Age” we haven’t heard much from since their poll ‘Do you support religion in schools programs?’ came out 76% in favour of ‘Yes’ of the 72,000 respondents.

TheAge | Melbourne – May 27, 2011, 8:43AM


Addendum: This is another co-spammer which just adds to Access’ impressive non-proselytising resume –

Rev. Steven Kasambalis JP (Violetta) 
1 Adelaide Ave, Mt Waverley 3149,Australia 
Ph/Fax  (03) 9807-7120 

Mobile 040404 3485 
For more info on Church activities visit our new website<>. 

” You will be called a Repairer of Broken Walls, a Restorer of the Streets” 

According to the cesspit of lies, The Church of the Nazarene is –

The Church of the Nazarene is an evangelical Christian denomination that emerged from the 19th century Holiness movement in North America with its members colloquially referred to asNazarenes… The mission is “to respond to the Great Commission of Christ to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ (Matthew 28:19)”.[7] In December 2006, this was expressed more succinctly as “to make Christlike disciples in the nations”.[8] This frames the global mission of the denomination. In 2009 the General Assembly indicated in its revision of Article XI of theManual the means for accomplishing its mission: “making disciples through evangelism,education, showing compassion, working for justice, and bearing witness to the kingdom of God.”[9] Since 2001, the three “core values” of the Church have been identified as “Christian, missional, and holiness.”[10]