It has been an interesting week watching the merry band of jokers from Access Ministries – hopping around like frogs on a hotplate, caught with their pants down, after claims that they never proselytise or seek to convert children entrusted to their CRE program were exposed for the bald faced lies that they are.

What we are seeing here really is that the only thing that divides the religions of dust from each other is a coat of paint, a different superhero and a different PR slant. Underneath, they are really indistinguishible – they are glorified death cults that have no interest in making the earth a nice place to live (preferring to prick tease you with exhorbitant promises of heaven) and all want access to your precious children1 for the noble intent of saving them from eternal damnation and hellfire. The younger the better.

One of the greater uniting characteristics with islam that we have seen on show here is a christianised version of taqiyya, or divinely sanctioned falsehood, that shows Access CRE is quite prepared to deceive without inhibition or shame as it goes about its business snatching and poisoning the defenseless minds of your children. The denials have been laid on thick and have dripped with the nauseating sincerity of those who seem to actually believe the general public will swallow the proclamations of innocence without blinking. Sorry, no. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me as the saying goes. What was a gut feeling everyone had anyway has now been confirmed for all via the wonders of digital multimedia capture –



“It was out of context”, “her message was misenterpreted”, the other liars chime in.

Liars. They need children to feed on. Without children they are nothing – the circle will be broken and there will be no next generation of predators to continue the fraud. This is why the battle has more than a hint of desperation. “Give me the child and I will give you the man” is a quote with many variants, usually attributed to Ignatius of Loyola2 and one that has been embraced by evangelicals the world over. Child molesters in every sense of the word except sexual, though it has to be noted that a disproportionate number break even that final taboo in the evangelical demographic. Child rapists tend to love jesus as much as they love children – as the Vatican can wearily tell you.

You have to concede one point though – maintaining this pretense with a straight face does take some impressive gumption. It’s certainly well beyond anything I could be capable of (after all, I don’t have any divine covenenant to back me up). Especially when, with all these blanket denials, the Access Ministries website is still bursting with documents containing gems like this –

Closing Prayer

Let us pray:
…Loving God,
We ask that you may challenge us to become fishers of people,
who are longing to experience your love. Lord let us seek your
mission in our lives, what it means for each of us, what it
means for our church and our community. May we be
touched by your words, and Lord may we follow wherever you
lead us,
Lord, in your name,

[The closing item of an Access CRE propaganda pamphlet, accesssundaysermon2010.pdf, which as I write, can still be found here –]

Proselytising? Who? Us? It just beggars belief. We’re just “fishing”.

But the deception is in no way limited to just common lying. This divinely inspired moral putrescence permeates their entire being. Melbourne’s The Age ran a poll alongside its original exposé of the Access CRE manure factory, asking –

Do you support religion in schools programs?3

The poll was running at a steady 76% against – that is until Access rang the alarm bells on its website and that of its Facebook causes page and initiated a poll bombing campaign which saw this percentage markedly nose-dive. It would be fascinating to see the poll histogram. After several days of pounding they have succeeded in reducing the for/against to about parity. Even so, if we take a moment and flush our brains down the toilet and pretend it is a fair poll, it still clearly shows half the population doesn’t want a bar of the nonsense – yet they have the CRE scheme forced upon them, they are forced to pay for it with their money and it is mandatory for all children unless they specifically opt out – never clearly advertised and usually with kids having nothing better to do than to go sit in the library or kick a can around the playground.

What kind of perverted reality is that? The healthy, god given and justified kind – if you ask Access. Still, this deliberate manipulation as false reality propaganda only adds to the complete moral and ethical destitution of Access Ministries.  And these people are claiming to be role-models for our children to look up to? No wonder the whole planet is corrupt. Liars, frauds and cheats – blessed and sanctified by jesus.

But all is no longer rosy for Access and CRE. Thanks to an enormous and vociferous groundswell from a public no longer willing to ignore these fraudulent charades, these po-faced denials of any wrong doing and shock that anyone would dare to question their decency have started to give way to the secondary characteristic that makes xtianity of the Access variety and islamism such peas in a pod –


The pathetic, mewling squeal of the victim/martyr. The backlash could not possibly be due to the fact that they are black liars caught with their hands in the public purse stealing funds that should have been immediately frozen on exposure of their abuse of trust and breach of contract – it has to be because they are being persecuted for their faith by that nebulous and evil cabal of atheists, humanists and miscellaneous other Doubting Thomases that refuse to deny that feces smell like feces.

Yes, when they are not busy poll stacking, these masses of Access CRE apologists are busy bombing forums and newspaper letters pages. With the unfortunate realisation that trying to defend the indefensible runs into trouble when blanket denial ceases to have any effect, this is where the paranoia of persecution becomes the only option – the exact same logic that is followed by their islamist brethren throughout the westernised world when fighting for socially redeeming muslim traditions such as wife beating. “We’re persecuted! This is intolerance!”

Of course, the content of this whining doesn’t vary. How could it? There is no substance to the protests because there is no defense of actions that, if perpetrated by an outsider, would be decried as a sin by their own sacred texts. So all they can really do, much like a tantrum throwing child, is repeat the same gibberish over and over at a steadily escalating volume and hope for the best. I refuse to waste much time on what has been posted around the place, this one example will suffice and is pretty representative of all –

In the face of attack

THE probes by federal and state governments into Access Ministries and its conduct when providing religious education and chaplaincy in schools are unnecessary.

The provision of a basic understanding of the Christian faith is beneficial to all students, regardless of their background, and chaplains perform a vital role in supporting students.

Rather than Access Ministries overstepping the mark, this furore has the hallmark of yet another attack on Christian influence in the public square.

Pastor Peter Curtis, Werribee South

– from The Age letters section today.

Sweet bejesus burgers. I swear I am not making this up – this is the universe playing quantum sarcasm with me again and out of the blue presenting me with a clown that stretches the limits of credulity beyond breaking point. I swear I did not look for him or know who he was beforehand, but here he landed on my screen as the first piece of token persecution outrage I found…

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Pastor Peter Curtis. He was the Liberal candidate in Lalor standing against Julia Gillard in 2007. He has since vanished, there is no trace of Pastor Curtis on the Liberal Party websites, and I can’t find any post-2007 election information or why he is no longer a candidate. Maybe it has something to do with his other claim to fame –

Homosexuality a perversion, says Lib candidate

Jason Koutsoukis, October 28, 2007

FEDERAL Liberal candidate Pastor Peter Curtis says homosexuality is a perversion and that gay men die from disease at many times the rate of heterosexuals.

Standing for the second time as the Liberals’ candidate in the safe Labor seat of Lalor against Labor’s deputy leader Julia Gillard, Mr Curtis said he was still hoping gays and lesbians would vote for him.

“As a Christian, I do not agree with the idea of homosexuality. That’s the reality. I can’t put it any other way,” Mr Curtis told The Sunday Age yesterday.

“I certainly could never change my views that homosexuality is a perversion, because it is a perversion.”

Yes, Pastor Curtis4 belongs to that small and very vocal social subset of people so off the edge they are impossible to parody – he is from the murky land of Poe, where those that run across him by random chance just cannot be sure. But Pastor Curtis is the real thing, and in hindsight, it is not all that surprising for him to take time out from fag bashing and inject his opinion into the Access CRE debate. All manner of maniac fruit, after all, does tend to fall from the same religionist tree and you’ll see the same faces pop up in all of these moral panic ridden issues with their thundering portents of doom. It’s a death cult remember?

But Pastor Jim’s letter to The Age is pretty much the default template for the persecution fetishism that is the stock in trade of these holy warriors. Opening line frames the conflict – his religion is under “attack”. Then a plea of pure innocence and an appeal to emotion and special pleading about all the benefit they bring to the frail and the lost, and closing with the implication of conspiracy overwhelming the public arena to silence the lambs of god…

Nice. Not a word about the deceit. The fraud. The breach of contract and trust. The parents dealing with children terrified by imaginary hells. The vast sums of public money being stolen under false pretenses. Not a word, nothing – just a shadowy conspiracy that is out to destroy the brave foot soldiers of jesus. This is a confidence trickster who’s game is exposed playing his last card – a bogus display of virtue to perhaps convince people that its all been some kind of mistake, that the real criminals are the accusers… Pass the barf bag.

At the end of all of this, when you look at the whole story as it has unfolded, it shouldn’t really matter if you are godless or a believer. Despite theist protests to the contrary, the godless do share many similar ethical and moral values with believers. With Access Ministries, the fact that religion is involved is paradoxically one of the lesser issues. The big issue is the ethical and moral destitution of Access Ministries as a whole. The ease with which they abandon all of the basic human decency, honesty and respect that allows our society to claim to be civilised. Access Ministries have shown beyond any doubt that they are prepared to throw all of this out the window for the sake of promoting their own agenda. They will lie, ignore the rule of law, abdicate responsibility to uphold binding agreements, they will siphon money from the public purse while breaching those same agreements, and crown it all off with the biggest lie of all – that it is all a big misunderstanding and in reality, it is they who are the victims here.

Access Ministries are the last people on earth any child should have any contact with for moral instruction – unless you actually plan on raising a liar and a fraud.

Say NO to the National School Chaplaincy Program

1 – The only exception are the Jews. They only want to psychologically abuse their own children. They have no interest in yours. Unless you marry in for the privilige.

2 – Father of those merry band of child lovers, the Jesuits – the benchmark of all the political religionists.

3 – The poll itself is on a flawed question. Most people, including a majority of atheists, have no objection to religion being taught in schools. With one critical proviso – that it is comparitive, and not indoctrinational, religious study. The religionists, of course, are aghast at the idea. They know children can put two and two together and will quickly realise what a snake oil industry the whole sham is.

4 – Pastor Curtis is a man for all seasons. Here’s another of his other treasures –

Prophecy For Sarah Palin: Thankyou for this- I too believe that Governor Palin is called of God and we will see a lot of her in the future- the church really needs to stand united behind political leaders that are called of God and not to vote along party lines alone or according to the elequence [sic] of the candidates.

He also holds the distinction of being the only person on earth that could make Andrew Bolt vote Labor.