is a practice in Shi’a Islam whereby adherents may conceal their beliefs when they are under threat, persecution, or compulsion.

The cesspit of lies definition is quite flattering. It is also too specific.This divinely approved practice is not limited to the Shi’a sects. Nor is it limited to situations of threat, persecution, or compulsion. This has been expanded upon by many islamic scholars over the years, this excerpt from muslim scholar Afif A. Tabbarah is fairly typical –

Lying is not always bad, to be sure; there are times when telling a lie is more profitable and better for the general welfare, and for the settlement of conciliation among people, than telling the truth. To this effect, the Prophet says: ‘He is not a false person who (through lies) settles conciliation among people, supports good or says what is good.

It is clearly evident that the more rigid and fundamentalist the interpretation of the religion is, the further this rule can be bent for the purposes of personal advantage without ever risking going to hell. Perhaps the best example of this is Muhammed Atta who, in the days before plowing his hijacked Boeing 767 into the north tower of the WTC and departing to claim his 72 virgins, spent a fair bit of time ogling tits and getting tanked on vodka1. This, of course, was done purely to not look suspicious and had nothing to do with satisfying base, gratuitous lusts. Liar.

But this isn’t a simple muslim bashing exercise – it should also be readily apparent to any observer of religion, without the eyes of a blind believer, that the concept of taqiyya is not unique to islam – that any religion with a bent for proselytising and converting is just as liberal with the concept of faith based deception. This has been expressed today via a front page article in Melbourne’s The Age

School religion classes probed

Jewel Topsfield May 13, 2011

THE Christian group that provides religious education and chaplains in Victorian government schools will be investigated after its chief executive told a conference: ”We need to go and make disciples.”

The remarks appear to breach guidelines governing school religious programs, which ban trying to convert students to any one religion.

The federal and state governments said last night they would investigate Access Ministries after a recording of the speech by Evonne Paddison was brought to their attention.

Despite repeatedly denying that Access Ministries tried to convert students, the recording reveals Dr Paddison told the 2008 conference that ”without Jesus, our students are lost”.

”In Australia, we have a God-given open door to children and young people with the Gospel, our federal and state governments allow us to take the Christian faith into our schools and share it. We need to go and make disciples,” she told the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion national conference in Melbourne. ”What really matters is seizing the God-given opportunity we have to reach kids in schools.’

This is quite flabbergasting. Not only is it in clear breach of agreed chaplaincy guidelines2, but of the Constitution. It is essentially a spit in the face of the established chaplaincy agreement after greedily snarfing up the cash. And all caught on tape.

The response from Victorian Education Minister Martin Dixon is as limp as it is predictable –

the Victorian government did not ”in any way, shape or form condone proselytising”.

”We will be talking to Access Ministries and seeking an assurance from them that their instructors abide by this requirement,” Mr Dixon said.

To put it bluntly, this is simply not good enough. Here is concrete evidence that the main chaplaincy providers, Access Ministries, are black liars who have only complete contempt and disregard for the agreements that have signed off on. They are convinced that their “mission” overrides any laws or agreements made and they treat them as irrelevant. They feel entitled by a holy covenant to lie through their teeth and abuse their position with impunity to preach, without any oversight, to children entrapped wthin the chaplaincy program.

To respond to this with a wrist slap and a “please explain” is an abdication of responsibility by Mr. Dixon, and an equal expression of contempt for the parents of the children involved. This alone is grounds enough to shred any and all existing contracts with Access Ministries and withdraw all funding. It is also grounds for legal action to be initiated over breach of contract.

Slapping these people on the wrist is meaningless. They will swear to never do it again. In taqiyya black lie fashion. When no one is looking, they will be at it again, injecting their ideology in children who are defenseless and know no better. This is child abuse – pure and simple, by professional child abusers.


This corruption is showing clearly that religion can be more correctly defined as the art of justifying absolutely anything. “Self-deception” enjoys a chicken-and-the-egg relationship with this, as in an infinite regression of “which came first”. What moral lessons can children be expected to take away from such professional deceivers? This rot has got to stop. And it has to be here and now.

Access Ministries chair Bishop Stephen HaleUPDATE:

No, we didn’t really need any more confirmation of the sheer blackness and moral destitution of the lying that is going on, but we got it anyway. Access Ministries chair and professional sophist Bishop Stephen Hale (right) just exudes “trust me, god says you should”. He has added his words of comfort and reassurance to the debate –

We are not trying to convert kids: Bishop

The Christian group responsible for religious education in Victorian government schools has denied it is trying to convert children to its faith […]

Bishop Hale said despite Dr Paddison’s comments, which will be investigated by state and federal governments, Access Ministries was not proselytising to students.

“We’re not actually seeking to convert them and she may have given that impression but I don’t think that’s what we actually do in reality,” he told ABC 774.

Bishop Hale described teaching children Christian stories and values without pressuring them to adopt Christianity as “a pretty tricky exercise”.

“We are extremely respectful of the balancing act that’s involved,” he said.

Reminds of the snake in the original sin fable. Only more insiduous.

1 – Though the reports are many and varied, it is readily evident that Atta did like to indulge in much of the western decadence he so passionately wanted to destroy.


2 – Attachment A, article 9, [.pdf] National School Chaplaincy Program Guidelines:

“a chaplain should not take advantage of his or her rivileged position to proselytise for that denomination or religious belief.”